My BFF Invited My Boyfriend to Her Party, but Not Me

Hey everyone! Today, I got a letter from one of my followers asking for some advice. Dana’s best friend and boyfriend are too close and they’re in a tricky situation. Let’s find out the story and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Rain or shine, Sue’s here for you!


Dear follower, I’ll try to put myself in your shoes so I can understand your story better. It must’ve felt bad for you to feel so left out and ignored by your best friend and boyfriend. Maybe if you had read the signs a bit better and paid closer attention to them, you’d have figured it out earlier. My advice for you is:

  • Ignore your ex-BFF and ex-BF. Take some time to leave them to boil and wonder what they did wrong. If you hear nothing from them, you’ll know they never really cared. BFF and BF who?? I’d rather have one real friend than 5 fake ones. If you do hear from them, listen carefully and dissect everything they say.
  • If you ever run into Jane and Dax hanging out in a specific place, say this: “OH HI JANE, THIS IS WHERE DAX AND I HAD OUR FIRST KISS TOO!” They’ll feel awkward and it’ll take them some time to process your burn. Laugh at them and walk away. Remember, keep your head held up high!
  • Give them a second chance. If Jane and Dax show any sign of really trying to make things up to you, give it a go. Set a few rules, try to keep the discussion calm, and allow everyone to have a turn to speak. Only once you have all the reasons and all the information, then you can decide how to move on. Make sure you prepare a list of questions like: “Why didn’t you guys tell me about your relationship?” or “Jane, why did you have to lie to me about everything? How can I trust you again?”
  • Never look back. Forget about your fake friends. You have your whole life ahead of you and you can make a lot of new friends. Take chances, hang out with someone weird — maybe you’ll connect and you’ll have a new, real friendship. Forget about boyfriends for a while. Have fun!

Dear followers, I hope my advice helps. We need to be more kind to the people around us because we never really know what they’re going through. Actions can be misunderstood and having an open conversation can do wonders.

Okay, readers, have you ever been in a situation like this? Did you ever have to make a choice between your best friend and your boyfriend/girlfriend? What advice would YOU give?


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