My Brother Has a Crush on My Babysitter, and I Don’t Know How to React

Hi everyone!

How have you been? How are your studies going? To be honest, mine are SO TIRESOME! Oh, how I miss summer when I could just DO NOTHING whenever I wanted to... Anyway, what saves me and cheers me up after a long day at school is you guys and your sweet messages.

Speaking about messages, here’s one I got today, and it’s from Emma.

Hi Emma! You must have felt really STRANGE when you first noticed some kind of romance between your brother and your babysitter, but I think there’s really nothing bad about that. Most likely, you’re feeling JEALOUS of your brother, of Rosie, or of both of them. Maybe you’re afraid that if they get close and start dating, they will be spending less time with you. But that’s not necessarily the case.

First of all, Ryan’s feelings for Rosie have just appeared, and they may not stand the test of time (as it often happens at this age). Secondly, Rosie MAY NOT FALL FOR YOUR BROTHER, and eventually, it will all end where it started. This means, THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, at least for now.

Here are a few things I WOULD DO if I were you, in this TRICKY situation:

  • I wouldn’t tell my parents about it (not to make Ryan or Rosie feel embarrassed). They are grown-up teens already, and I think they can decide what to do on their own. But if you don’t feel comfortable in this situation, you can surely discuss your feelings with Ryan or Rosie, or both of them.
  • I would try to think about the situation in a different way. YOU are the one who united Ryan and Rosie. If your parents didn’t find a babysitter for you, Ryan would never have met Rosie. This means you are their little CUPID. Isn’t that cute?
  • I would ask my brother if he needs my help. After reading your message, I got the feeling that Rosie is a really good girl. So why not help your brother get closer to her? You can help him find a good gift for Rosie or ask her out and prepare an unforgettable date!
  • I wouldn’t worry much about this situation. Falling in love is very natural for a teenager, and when you grow up, you’ll fall in love too. I’m sure Rosie and Ryan will be by your side no matter what happens between them, so there’s nothing to worry about now.

I hope I helped you at least a bit, Emma! Please keep me updated with how things are going between your brother Ryan and your babysitter Rosie!

By the way, have you ever found yourself in a similar situation, guys? What would you do if your brother or sister fell in love with your babysitter? Let’s chat in the comments!


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