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My Parents Make Me Babysit My Younger Siblings, but I Have Other Plans

Hi everyone!

How are you guys? I’m a bit busy with classes and homework at the moment, but I still find some time to walk in the park and enjoy the golden leaves falling. I LOVE autumn, even though it’s slowly getting colder. And, of course, I always find time to read your messages, my dear followers.

Here’s one from Lily — she has to babysit her younger siblings like it’s her job...

Hi Lily! The situation looks quite complicated and tricky. On the one hand, you love your sibling and parents, but the fact that you have to babysit for your mom and dad obviously makes you upset!

One of my friends, Sandra, once found herself in a fairly similar situation. Her parents made her babysit her little brother and sister, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to go out with her friends and have fun in her free time. Her parents wouldn’t listen to her and nothing changed, until one day she did something CRAZY! She decided to make her parents see what a HORRIBLE babysitter she really is. When her parents got home from work, Sandra’s siblings were running around the house with their faces colored with markers and their clothes dirty, the dishes were not washed, dinner was not ready, and music was playing really loud. Sandra was peacefully sitting in an armchair and drinking her hot chocolate in the middle of the DISASTER! Sandra NEVER babysat again. What a clever gal! He-he.

I’m NOT SUGGESTING that you do something like this, since I believe there are some better (and less stressful!) ways to convince your parents you don’t want to babysit your siblings 24/7.

Here are a few things you can try to do and say to help your parents understand your feelings.

  • Honestly talk to your parents and tell them that you don’t want to play the role of a babysitter. You have your own life and your own plans, and you can’t sacrifice all your free time for your siblings, even though you love them very much.
  • Suggest doing some other household chores instead (when it’s convenient for you). For example, you can wash all the dishes in the evening, or take out the trash and make the beds in the morning.
  • Remind your parents that babysitting is actually a job and people get paid for it. So, it may be a good idea to hire a babysitter who will take care of your siblings while you’re busy with your own things.
  • Your parents may think that finding a good babysitter they can trust may take a lot of time and effort. Do this for them! Find the best babysitter on your block and invite them for an interview with your parents.
  • Tell your parents that babysitting takes too much time and attention, and instead you’d rather spend this time learning, preparing for college exams, and thinking about your future.

I hope these tips help you explain to your parents that you don’t want to be a full-time babysitter for your siblings and that you need more free time. Let me know how things are going in your next message!

Guys, do you have younger siblings? Do you babysit them? If you do, how do you feel about it? Let’s chat in the comments!


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