They Didn’t Let Me on the Cheerleading Team, So I Created One on My Own

Hi, everyone!

How are you guys? I just came back home from a football game that I watched with my dad at our local stadium. I’m not a big fan of football, but watching a game can be really fun! We ate some corn and hot dogs, I had a HUGE MILKSHAKE and screamed like there was no tomorrow. And the best part of it all — they showed me on the jumbotron TWICE! Both times I was chewing and looked VERY AWKWARD, but I was happy anyway!

Speaking of sports, here’s a message I received today, and it’s from Jennifer. She wants to be a cheerleader, but they won’t take her on the team.

Hi Jennifer! Being a cheerleader is SO MUCH FUN and I understand why you want to be one very well. It’s a great idea to create a cheerleading team on your own, why not? A couple of years ago my friend and I created a cheerleading team in our school, and it was an UNFORGETTABLE experience. We already had a cheerleading team that supported our football players, and, just like in your case, they told us there were no vacant places for us. But it turned out our basketball team had no cheerleaders! The school principal let us create a cheerleading team, so my friend and I took that chance. For the first 2 years, we were part of the team, but then we realized we should spend more time studying and preparing for college, so we left the team, but it still exists!

You’re an ambitious and passionate girl, and you can surely try creating a cheerleader team on your own instead of just waiting for other girls to let you on their team.

Here are some important things you’d better take into account, judging from my own cheerleader experience:

  • Get permission and support from your school administration. Creating a cheerleading team can mean spending a certain amount of time and money, so you need to make sure your school really needs it and supports your idea.
  • Decide who will be handling legal, financial, and organizational issues. This is very important, as cheerleading implies physical activities, moving from one place to another as a team, buying certain equipment, and so on. Someone needs to take care of these things. You can ask your school administration and parents to help you solve this problem.
  • Find students who would like to join the team. A good cheerleader needs to be strong, flexible, and sporty. Being friendly, positive, and outgoing, plus, having a passion for sports is also important. If you find enough candidates who suit this role, move on to the next steps. To attract potential team members, you can use flyers, the school newspaper, or the school radio.
  • Find out more about cool cheerleading teams. You’re not inventing this activity from scratch, so it’s a good idea to learn and apply the best cheerleading practices that already exist. Go on the Internet and find some articles and videos about the teams that inspire you. How many people do they have? What do they look like? What positions do they take on? How do they exercise? Try to learn more about all the little things that led them to success.
  • Find out what equipment you may need. Make a list and ask your school administration to help you get all the necessary equipment if you need help.
  • Find a place for practicing. Take into account the ceiling height and the type of floors you need for exercising.
  • Name your team. The team’s name is very important, right?
  • Think over the style and the colors of your uniform. Find someone who can make this uniform for you.
  • Distribute the roles within the team and find a coach. You need to find an experienced mentor who will guide your team. An experienced former cheerleader can be a good choice!
  • Start trying out! Make sure that all the members of your team are physically strong and healthy and that they are fully prepared for tryouts.
  • Set realistic goals. At first, you may fail to achieve your own expectations, but it doesn’t mean you should stop doing this. Try making your goals and expectations more realistic and don’t put too much pressure on your teammates and yourself.

I hope my little tips can help you create the cheerleading team of your dreams, Jennifer! Keep me updated about your success!

Guys, have you ever been a cheerleader? Have you ever tried creating a cheerleading team? What was it like? Let’s chat in the comments!


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