10 Absolutely Free Things You Can Get During Your Flight

Experienced travel hackers are totally aware that different airline companies provide many services for free during a flight. However, the rest of the passengers do not know about these options and think that a company might demand money for them.

Bright Side wants to share the most interesting things that might come in handy during your next flight.

10. Accessories for your comfort

Blankets, pillows, and sleeping masks are on the checklist for every passenger, even on a short flight. If you feel more comfortable with your shoes off, you can ask a flight attendant for a free pair of disposable socks or slippers.

During long flights, passengers are provided with personal hygiene kits that include toothpaste, soap, and sanitizing wipes. Some airline companies might include a lip balm and a hand cream in their kits as well.

9. Special menu

If you buy a ticket beforehand (at least 24 hours before your flight), you can request a special meal if you have specific dietary requirements. Many companies offer a wide range of meals: dietary, for children, vegetarian, and even kosher. You won't have to pay an extra fee for it.

8. Snacks and a Coke

When on a plane, you may have the right to ask for a free bag of chips or peanuts. Unfortunately, this service is free only for certain companies, but you can politely ask a flight attendant if they have any snacks left.

7. Hot chocolate

Water, tea, and coffee are the most popular drinks during a flight. Many big companies expanded this list a long time ago. Hot chocolate, for example, may already be on the list of hot beverages available onboard. Take a chance, and ask a flight attendant for it.

6. Comfortable seats

When you purchase your airplane ticket, you can choose a more comfortable seat with extra space to stretch your legs. You'll get quite a comfortable flight if you discuss the matter beforehand. The only exception is that some companies ask for an extra fee for the seats that provide greater passenger comfort.

Flight attendants are often willing to help you switch seats if there are free ones available. Now you don't have to worry about not sitting with your travel buddy.

5. Second meal

Food is always included in the ticket price. However, different passengers seem to have different types of appetite. If you want an extra meal, don't be shy – ask a flight attendant if there are any extra meals left. Very often the crew will satisfy your demand since many passengers skip meals, leaving extra food.

4. Basic medicines and bandages

All airline companies provide their planes with the most necessary medications. Any passenger has the right to ask for free medications: painkillers, antiemetics, antihistamines, etc. Flight attendants are taught to provide first aid when it's needed.

3. Short-term babysitting

Today it's become much easier to travel with kids on a plane. Babies can be put into a free bassinet for the whole flight. The only thing a parent has to do is to book a special seat where you can install a bassinet.

Flight attendants will often help by watching a baby or child for a few minutes while a parent goes to the bathroom. Many companies also take care of children traveling alone.

2. Entertainment

You can find many types of entertainment onboard: bright magazines, radio speakers, and built-in monitors for watching movies.

1. Cockpit tour

Some companies encourage a passenger's passion to know more about aviation. You won't hear about this service while onboard, but you can politely ask a flight attendant to show your kid the cockpit. The chances will increase after the landing of the aircraft.

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