12 Brilliant Clothing Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Sometimes we need to hide a few excess pounds while not having enough time for diets and workouts. Correctly selected clothing can make us look much more slender.

Bright Side would like to share with you several tricks that will give you the perfect appearance.

12. Add a vertical line.

Opt for a multiple-layer image with a long jacket - it will make you slimmer and taller. Pay attention to the position of your buttons: they should form a single row, making you even more slender.

11. Choose the right bra.

When your breasts aren't properly supported they become an addition to your belly and draw more attention to it. A bra of the right size will lift your breasts and create space between them and your stomach.

10. Add a bright accent to a monochrome image.

Create a single-tone image, and add a bright detail to it: a jacket, a skirt, or a top. This is a great way to divert attention from your problem areas.

9. Opt for A-line dresses.

A trapezoid shape without slim-fit parts, like in the '60s, or the straight dresses of the '20s are just what you need to create a picture-perfect image.

8. Button up correctly.

Make sure buttons are on the most prominent part of your belly. If the buttoned-up part is above it, then even the smallest excess belly will become more visible, and all attention will go to it.

7. Avoid light fabrics.

Light fabrics accentuate curves and lines. Better opt for thicker materials that will hold your figure like a corset. It's better still to avoid piled or nubby fabric that will only add more volume.

6. Do not tuck in your tank top.

By tucking it in you draw a clear line around your belly that'll inevitably draw attention. Wear tank tops freely and not slim-fit ones. The length should be a bit below the lower end of your belly.

5. Choose the right bag.

Even handbag size can affect the image of your figure. Take a large one, and you'll look slimmer. Ladies of a small stature should opt for medium-sized bags.

4. Go for matte clothes.

Shiny fabric always draws attention and accentuates every single fold on your belly, so it's better to opt for matte clothes.

3. Take a closer look at wrap dresses.

This is a choice that will always come to your help: it will not only hide your belly but also bring out the best of your figure and turn all attention to your breasts.

2. Try creative ways to wear a top.

1. How to hide camel toe:

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