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10+ Cases When Baby Wipes Can Be an Absolute Lifesaver

Baby wipes have been around since the 1950s, so it’s only logical that over time people have come up with several ways of using them rather than just for skin cleansing purposes. From covering wounds back in the day to the unusual uses on this list — baby wipes can be absolute lifesavers!

Here at Bright Side, we love when we can take one thing and use it a hundred different ways. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the uses of a very handy item, baby wipes.

Outlet covers

In a household with kids, it’s crucial to make all dangerous things baby-proof. You can make a cheap version of outlet covers with the lid to a baby wipe dispenser.

Reduce hair frizz.

If you are a proud owner of frizzy hair and are all out of hair moisturizer or any other “easy fixes” — grab a baby wipe and calm the frizz down all over your head. It may not hold for too long, but it will get you through short meetings or a quick trip to the drugstore.

Handy storage

If you are a fan of reducing the plastic waste — repurpose your baby wipe boxes as storage boxes. Just put a label on the side of them and use them to store the little things that are usually scattered all over the house — like crayons, stickers, ribbons, and such.

Attach it to a dust mop.

Running out of floor wipes never happens at the right time, so just wrap your mop with wet wipes to freshen up your floors.

Peek-a-boo busy board

A busy board is a really brilliant way to occupy your children and help them develop motor skills. You can use it to introduce them to textures while also making it a fun playtime game. Use the tops of baby wipe boxes and hide different textures underneath, glue it all together to a foam-core board, and let your kid have fun with it.

Clean hairspray off of wood surfaces.

Every homeowner knows that cleaning wooden surfaces can prove to be tricky as the wood easily gets damaged. If you accidentally sprayed the wood with hairspray, use soft wipes to fix it up.

Shine your leather shoes.

With or without shoe cream, baby wipes are perfect for shining your shoes as they have a fine, soft texture.

Moisten envelope glue before sealing.

If you have a bunch of letters to send (like for a wedding or a dinner party, for example) don’t lick each and every one of the envelopes — a gross consumption of the glue residue can mildly poison a person. Use a wipe to moisten the sealing strip so you can move onto more important chores.

Remove makeup from clothes.

If you’ve been a “victim” of an eyeshadow fallout or a mascara wand gone wild, be sure to get it off your clothing with a baby wipe right away before it sets.

Use them on gym equipment.

Even using gym towels is not as sanitary as using baby wipes to wipe off equipment after fellow gym patrons use them. That’s because many of the wipes contain antibacterial properties.

Clean keyboards and window shades.

Baby wipes have a wonderful trait — they can be folded up into any shape. It will help you to get to those hidden little places you aren’t usually able to clean out, like between buttons on a keyboard or the spaces between window shades.

What other uses of baby wipes have you figured out that we forgot to mention? Be sure to share them with us in the comment section below.

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