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10 cool ways to transform a man’s old shirt

There's a special magic to be found in transforming old things. A little bit of inspiration, and an old boring shirt turns into a stylish pillowcase, a fashionable accessory, or a nice dress for a little girl.

The Bright Side team loves giving a second chance to old clothes and bringing cool ideas to life. Take an old shirt, our selection of ideas, some patience...and let's create! 

Baby bibs

The author of this blog made cool baby bibs for future businessmen.

Beach bag

This capacious bag is simply perfect for the beach.

Light summer dress

I cannot believe this stylish dress is made from a man's shirt.


These pillowcases will add zest to every interior.

Cute dress for a little girl

This blog shows how to make this cute dress out of an old shirt.

House slippers

This ingenious idea for slippers belongs to this blogger.

Handy apron

Transform a shirt into a handy apron as shown here

Original stuffed bear

See here how to make this lovely stuffed bear.

Detachable collar

Transform a man's shirt into a stylish accessory by following this tutorial.

Summer crop top

A simple way to turn a shirt into a crop top lies here.


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