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10 Details That Can Make Your Image Look More Expensive

There is no general recipe on how to look perfect. Sometimes even money can’t help in this department because looking gorgeous and buying clothes in extravagant stores are different things. But there are some secrets that can help improve your sense of style and make you look like you’re meant to be on the cover of this month’s Vogue.

Bright Side gathered advice from stylists that will help you look good even if you don’t have thousands of dollars that you can spend in luxury stores.

10. Give preference to clothes of light colors.

Such colors in combination with each other are responsible for the overall appearance of elegance. That’s why an image consisting of some light colors (for example, beige) is a great decision if you want to look expensive and noble.

9. You should have “basic” clothes that are “classics.”

A cashmere straight-silhouette coat of camel color, basic beige trench, classic blue jeans, some turtlenecks of different colors, a pencil skirt... As a rule, time and fashion don’t influence these outfits.

You just need to add some stylish accessories, and the people around you will definitely notice how stylish your outfit is.

8. Buy accessories of good quality.

Bags, belts, scarves, hats, and other accessories can work miracles. Stylish accessories can turn simple pajamas into “couture.”

Forget about knock-offs: a good bag of an unknown brand looks better than a fake bag of a famous brand made of lacquered oilcloth.

7. Choose bright or nude shoes.

Yellow, blue, red, and nude classical pumps will always look good, whether they’re expensive or not. And such shoes add so much to your image.

6. Choose “invisible” underwear.

Visible laces and rhinestones on your bra and panty seams are very serious mistakes. Ill-fitting underwear can spoil the overall impression even if your image is perfect.

You shouldn’t confuse everyday underwear with erotic lingerie for special occasions. And as for everyday underwear, simple bras and seamless panties are your best choice.

5. Include white clothes.

Make the white color the main feature of your image. White pants, a shirt, or a coat always look classy. And white clothes look even better during the winter.

4. Choose clothes with prints that make your image appear more expensive.

Classical prints have passed the test of time and they can be placed above all trendy things. Such prints look expensive and classy even if you buy your outfit in an ordinary store.

Glen plaid (the Prince of Wales check) and polka dots are on the list of such prints.

3. Include an athletic style into your image.

Modern fashion is very ironic. Don’t limit yourself to a certain style: add some sports elements to elegant and romantic outfits and you’ll look nice. By the way, your image will give an impression of being very natural and simple.

2. Wear only clothes that look new and take care of your outfit.

Take care of your clothes so they look like new ones:

  • Read the recommendations on the labels on how to take care of the piece of clothing and follow these rules.
  • Frequent and intensive washing causes the fabric to fade and the shape to change. So try to wash clothes at a low temperature and dry at the minimum speed.
  • Reduce the time of washing in a washing machine to 30-45 minutes. Don’t forget to turn things inside out.
  • Delicate fabrics should be washed by hand and outdoor clothing should be taken to the dry cleaners.
  • Get rid of worn, faded clothes. Don’t wear clothes with stains: throw them away, as well.
  • All torn buttons should be sewn on immediately.
  • Use a steamer to take care of your clothes. It helps remove wrinkles even if there are buttons, creases, and other decor elements.
  • Don’t hesitate to spend money on shoe repair services: replace old heeltaps with new ones in time. Your shoes will look nice and serve much longer. Worn heels aren’t sexy: just throw them away or get them repaired.

1. Change the buttons.

One of the easiest ways to make your clothes look more expensive is to change the buttons.

Replace plastic buttons with more beautiful ones. For example, buttons that are made of metal or bone. You can even take a button from your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

Which fashion guidelines do you follow? Share with us in the comments!

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