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10 Genius Tricks the Internet Doesn’t Know About Yet

Thanks to the Web, we know tons of tricks and secrets to make our everyday life easy and fun. However, there are still those you can't find anywhere on the Internet.

Bright Side decided to make it right and gathered 10 of the simplest yet most genius of such tips.

№ 1. Pull a garbage bag onto the cat litter box, and then fill it. Cleaning the box will be much easier.

№ 2. If there's no Band-Aid at hand, cut a piece of a sanitary pad and stick it to your shoes to prevent chafing.

№ 3. For a pleasant smell in the bathroom, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inner part of the toilet paper roll.

№ 4. For a fresh smell during vacuuming, pour some washing powder into the dust bag.

№ 5. The recipe for a universal seasoning: mix salt, pepper, paprika, and curry. It goes well with anything.

№ 6. Two-phase makeup remover easily gets rid of glue left from stickers.

№ 7. Put perfume testers from a store into piles of clean clothes to make them smell good.

№ 8. If for some reason you can't take a shower, clean your skin with a hand disinfecting gel and apply deodorant.

№ 9. Pour a handful of spices into the sink, and wash it away with hot water to make your kitchen smell nice. Cinnamon is the best option.

№ 10. If you don't have hot water at home, just turn on your washing machine at 90 degrees, redirecting the drain into the tub.

Do you have interesting hacks of your own? Share them in the comments!

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko for Bright Side
Based on materials from "Overheard"
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