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10 Great Tricks So Your Favorite Shoes Won’t Hurt

10 Great Tricks So Your Favorite Shoes Won’t Hurt

It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman...when you have to break in a new pair of shoes, your poor feet always suffer. We at Bright Side are familiar with the problem, so we decided to put an end to the suffering and pain. With these tricks you will be able to enjoy your new shoes as if they were made especially for you!

1. Classic Band-Aids

This one is very common and kind of obvious, but try using the good old Band-Aid trick. It will prevent rubbing, eliminate friction, and thus eliminate blisters, especially when you wear heels. Make sure the Band-Aid is a bit larger than the friction zone so that it won't move.

2. Talcum powder

Talcum powder can reduce frictional force on the surface of the foot. Sprinkle some powder on your feet before you put on your shoes. If you're not going to wear socks, make sure your feet aren't wet.

3. Thick socks and heat

Put on a pair of thick socks and then your favorite shoes. Run the hair dryer over the tight parts of the shoe. Walk around in the shoes until they completely cool, and repeat the action if necessary. The material from which the shoes were made expands from the heat, and it becomes more flexible and soft. Note that the trick works only on natural material, such as leather.

4. Roll-on or stick deodorant

The lateral border of your foot, the heel bone, and toes are the most commonly affected zones. To eliminate the friction produced between the shoe and your foot, apply some roll-on or stick deodorant to the problem areas.

5. Silicone insoles

These protectors are available in pharmacies, orthopedic stores, and even online. They come in various forms (the full-size insole, heel caps, toe caps, etc.) so you can adapt them to your problem areas.

6. Ice

Fill a plastic bag with water, and put it inside your shoes. Place them in the freezer, and freeze them overnight. When you take them out in the morning, you'll notice that your shoes became wider as the water turned into ice.

7. Alcohol and paper

Spray enough alcohol on the tight areas from inside the shoes so they are wet. Stuff the shoes with crumpled paper overnight. The more paper you use, the better results you get. Remove the paper in the morning, and put the shoes on so they can take the shape of your feet.

8. Moisturizing cream

This method works only on genuine leather shoes. Apply some moisturizing cream inside the shoe, paying attention to heel and toe areas. The moisturizer will soften the leather and as you wear the shoes the next day, your feet will slightly reshape them.

9. Potatoes

This trick can widen your new training shoes and even loafers. Push a clean potato inside the shoe, and leave it overnight. Usually, potatoes don't leave any smell, but just to be sure you have no potato remains in your shoes, wipe them with a damp cloth.

10. A local cobbler

This is probably the most reliable option for you. Most of them have special devices that modify your footwear according to your request. For example, cobblers can easily stretch your shoes so they won't hurt any longer. As a result, you walk without discomfort, wearing your favorite shoes and also a big smile on your face.

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