10 Items in a Man’s Wardrobe That Irritate Women

There are certain items of clothing that no woman in the world likes, even if they are being worn by the most attractive and handsome man in the world. However, most of us will shy away from expressing our distate out loud for fear of hurting a guy's feelings.

We at Bright Side looked through dozens of women's forums and magazines to find out precisely which items in a man's wardrobe they find the most off-putting. The results are definitely worth bearing in mind.

An overly deep neckline on a T-shirt or top

If an ordinary V-neck top gives a man a certain amount of style and sexiness, then an overly deep neckline just looks cheap and vulgar.

Ultra short shorts

Men's shorts that reach higher than the knee continue to retain their influence over certain guys, yet they remain completely incomprehensible to virtually all women. The fact is that semi-naked hairy legs in public places do more to put women off than to attract them.

T-shirts with slogans or stale jokes

A T-shirt with a slogan often looks like an advertisement is blaring from the chest of the person wearing it. This is not the best way for someone to attract attention. It's a much better idea to wear something simple but of good quality rather than attempt to get people to focus on a banal thought or joke.


Flip-flops should be worn - by men or women - only on the beach and nowhere else. In an urban setting they just don't look right.

A vest worn in combination with a T-shirt

Men sometimes opt to wear a vest over the top of a T-shirt in order to make them stand out and liven up their otherwise ordinary appearance. Unfortunately, most women don't find this attractive, and in the worst cases they find it a ridiculous look. A vest should be worn only as part of a suit.

Belts with large plates or lots of studs

An over-sized belt with a large plate instead of a buckle, or with studs and a logo, is the definition of an outdated trend. It's a much better idea to give preference to a classic leather belt that has just one function: keeping your pants up.

A baggy suit

A suit is one of the most sexy and stylish items in a man's wardrobe. But this is only the case when it fits a man perfectly. A baggy costume is not going to have the desired effect on any of the women around you.

Pink items

Women often find it difficult to explain why they don't like the look of men dressed in pink. But all that really matters is that men realize it definitely isn't attractive to the vast majority of women.

Overly tight-fitting jeans

There's nothing particularly bad about skinny jeans per se, but when they begin to bear a likeness to women's leggings they tend to put women off more than they attract them.

Beads and designer jewelry

Wearing too many items of jewelry is never a good look, and this counts for men as much as it does for women. One or two high-quality and stylish accessories is enough to make you look good - no more.

So what should a man wear in order to look stylish?

We answered this question in detail in another article. Apart from having good taste in clothing and accessories, a man above all needs to look tidy and well groomed, keep an eye on how clean his clothes are, always wear the right size, and get rid of old things when the time is right. Every woman will appreciate this.

Finally, we deliberately didn't include one other soul-chilling crime against fashion here, in order to make sure that you all understood it should never even be considered for an instant. But just in case you haven't worked out what we have in mind, here it is...

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