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10 Items to Switch to Protect Your Health And Wallet

Modern society is called the “society of around-the-clock-shopping” by marketing specialists. But in a race to have all the comforts possible, we sometimes harm our wallet — or our health. And here’s how we can prevent it.

We at Bright Side are all for conscious consuming strategies and since our society also has the biggest control over merchants ever known, together we can change our households — and be a big influence on others.

Air freshener

Air fresheners have done us wrong acting as pollutants and fire hazards in our own homes. So maybe it would be wise to return to the older version — like lighting up a candle every once in a while.


Repackaged dried fruits and leaves with a couple of drops of perfume are not worth what they are sold for. If you want something like this as a scented decoration in your home — use dried orange peels with dried flowers like lavender or rose petals (if you want the fragrance) or cornflowers for color. Really, anything will do with a drop of your favorite aromatic oil.


You truly don’t need expensive fertilizer for your garden to thrive. You can pick up on a trend of making your own compost or just using coffee grounds, ashes from your fireplace, or pine needles, which would cost you next to nothing.

Paper towels

Even if we don’t emphasize the cost of these things per household in a year, which is hundreds of dollars, environmentally speaking buying a ton of paper towels is very questionable. It’s better to substitute them with old shirts or a clean cloth you can wash and reuse.

Cosmetic scrubs

Even high end products will contain a ton of preservatives in them and organic will cost you an arm and a leg, so to speak. So take coffee grounds and salt with a creamy compound like coconut oil and make a body scrub. For your face and delicate areas — use more gentle sugar scrubs that you can make right at home.


Apart from the minty flavor, what does a mouthwash really provide? Cleansing and antibacterial properties. So it can be easily substituted with a hydrogen peroxide solution, costing pennies at a drug store. You can even put the food flavoring of your choice in it — just please, don’t swallow it. It is for sanitizing purposes only.


This suggestion is a little out there because we all probably grew up with a tube of “Colgate” in our bathroom drawer. But to have a more organic and environmentally friendly option, open up to the suggestion of having baking soda as a “toothpaste powder.” Mixing it with coconut oil will give you a whitening effect, as will charcoal.


Big bottles of bleach are not extremely pricy, but in a household with children this can be a constant danger. So use hydrogen peroxide to bleach your hair and remove stains from clothing, lemon juice can be a citric cleansing option to treat your clothing, or use vinegar to clean other materials.

Hair and face masks

It’s not only cheaper, but more customizable to make your own cosmetic masks at home. Use bananas for hydrating your skin or egg white for tighter, glowing skin. For your hair use yogurt, aloe vera, or coconut oil (just don’t put coconut oil on your face — it will clog your pores).


Deodorants over the past few years were linked to health problems, so why risk it? Just dip your wet fingers into baking soda and apply it to your armpits to prevent sweating and odors from your armpits.

Which of those substitutes are you willing to try in your house and which can you suggest to other readers? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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