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10 Places to Hide Your Valuables That Will Fool Any Thief

Sometimes having cash around the house can be very convenient. But the question is where to keep it so if something happens, thieves can’t find it. The same principle applies to jewelry or extra cards that you don’t use on an everyday basis. You probably already have your favorite hiding places, but are they as safe as you would like them to be?

We at Bright Side came up with a list of the best places to hide money around the house to give you some ideas.

Of course, you don’t need to use our ideas precisely, look at them as an inspiration. If you check around your house, you can find lots of secret spots that only you will know about.

1. A spiky potted plant is a great idea for a long-term solution.

2. Put your jewelry inside a plastic bag and hide it in a jar with liquid or cream.

3. A juicer has plenty of space for something precious. Just don’t forget to take it out before making juice.

4. Put your valuables inside a bottle of shampoo or hair conditioner. It can also be a good idea when you’re on vacation.

5. A toolbox with lots of tools is also a good option.

6. Instead of putting your important stuff inside rice or flour, use a thick liquid, like kefir or yogurt.

7. Put money in the trash bin, cover it with paper and put a regular trash bag. The paper makes it look like the bin is empty.

8. Another good hiding spot is inside a brush handle.

9. Garden fertilizer is another idea.

10. There is a good chance that no one will go through your old sneakers, unlike a stash of towels.

Which one did you like the most? Tell us in the section below if you also have some cool ideas.

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