10 Popular Kitchen Mistakes That Make Our Lives Harder

Do you peel garlic before cutting it too? Do you also watch the food being cooked in a multicooker? The thing is, almost all of us make the same mistakes in the kitchen. And maybe there is nothing really bad about this, but because we make these mistakes, we complicate our lives more and ruin the taste of the food.

That's why today, Bright Side has prepared a list of kitchen hacks that most of us don't know how to handle correctly.

1. We load dishes in the dishwasher the wrong way.

When we put plates in the dishwasher, we just put them in one after another, but this doesn't allow all the plates to be washed very well. Scientists decided to find out what the problem is and created a plan of how you should ideally load the dishwasher.

  • You should place plates in a circle because this is the direction the water goes.
  • Place the plates with any foods containing carbohydrates in the center (like cereal and pasta).
  • On the sides, place the plates that had protein on them (like any meat products).

This way, the washing will be very effective and you won't have to wash the plates again.

2. We heat food up in the microwave oven the wrong way.

Many people notice that in a microwave oven, the plate and the food located on the sides of the dish are heated more. And the food in the center is usually cold even when the plate itself is really hot.

That's why you should put the food in the shape of a donut, leaving the center empty. This way, all the food will be equally warm.

3. We use cheese knives the wrong way.

Almost every kitchen has a cheese knife but only a few people know about its true purpose. This knife was created for cutting cheese. And the tip is supposed to separate thin slices.

You can also use it to cut fruits and vegetables with tender pulp and elastic skin, like tomatoes and ripe plums.

4. We whip cream the wrong way.

Experienced housewives warn us that if you don't prepare the mixer properly, the cream might be not as good as you want. Fortunately, it's quite easy to prepare the appliance.

All you need to do is cool down the bowl and the whisks in the freezer. This will make the cream come out way better.

5. We don't use toaster settings correctly.

Many of us establish the settings of a toaster when we first get it, and that's it. Such an approach is good only if you use one kind of bread of the same thickness all the time.

But if you use different kinds of bread, you should change the settings every single time you use the toaster because the quality of the toast depends on the kind of bread, its thickness, and the cooking mode.

6. We control automatic cooking appliances.

Even when we decide to use a multicooker or some other "smart" device, we can never relax, and always look inside to check on the food. We ruin the result by doing this.

Every time you open the lid, you cool down the temperature the device needs to cook the food properly.

7. We don't use all the functions of a spaghetti spoon.

A spaghetti spoon can help you measure how much spaghetti you need before you put it in the boiling water. It's so convenient, right?

8. We overcomplicate work when using a garlic press.

Most of us still peel garlic before putting it into the press. The peel won't be in your food even if you don't get rid of it in advance.

9. We crack eggs on the edge of a bowl.

To avoid having pieces of eggshell in your food, don't crack the egg on the edge of the bowl. Instead, crack it on the surface of it.

10. We fry eggs the wrong way.

In order to make your fried eggs look beautiful, you should follow a simple rule. First, fry the egg white for about a minute, then add the yolk on top. This way, you can get the best results. The egg white will be more prepared than the yolk which is considered the tastiest way to eat eggs.

We hope that our recommendations are useful for you. Tell us in the comment section below if you make these common mistakes in the kitchen!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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