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10 Style Rules From the Past That Can Destroy Even the Best Look

Fashion changes incredibly fast. Nowadays, you don’t need to wear your grandmother’s clothes to look old-fashioned. All it takes now is just following the fashion trends that aren’t in style anymore. Our article will help you avoid some serious fashion mistakes and give tips on how to always look trendy.

Bright Side has created a list of things for those who are scared of living in the past.

1. Colorful tights

Colorful tights were very popular a few years ago. Bright women’s legs attracted men everywhere. Of course, such bright colors made people feel better, but it’s time we left this trend behind.

During the FW 2017 show in Calzedonia headquarters, colorful tights were not popular. Designers offered dotted stockings and stockings with patterns and rhinestones.

2. Straight bangs

Every girl who had a Barbie doll as a child wanted to have long wavy hair and neat bangs. Now, dolls are more modern and realistic and light carelessness and natural beauty are in style. If you still see straight bangs over your eyes in the mirror, you should call your hairdresser and consider a new hairstyle.

3. Eyebrow tattoo

The main European Smashbox makeup artist Will Malherbe says that it’s time we forgot about eyebrow tattoos. He says that he has met thousands of women with tattooed eyebrows in his career and only 5 of them looked more-or-less okay. Thin lines instead of eyebrows make the face look very unnatural. People are ready to do anything to be trendy. Times have changed, and, fortunately, the trend for artificial eyebrows is gone.

4. Thin eyebrows

The same goes for the shape and the size of eyebrows. No more thin lines — wide eyebrows are trendy now. But be careful: you should still look natural.

5. Face highlighting

Do you remember the time when it was almost impossible to count how many layers of cosmetics beauty bloggers put on their face? In her interview for New York Post, the founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics claims that the era of highlighting has passed. She recommends using moisturizing creams and some rouge around the cheekbones.

6. Bronzer

A nice and even tan can make the skin look healthy and fresh. Orange, however, looks good only on exotic animals. Bronzers are a thing of the past. You will look much more attractive if you spend a couple of minutes in a tanning booth or tan in the sun if you get the chance. If you’re tanning in the sun, remember to use sunscreen! If your only option to get some “sun” is a tanning booth, make sure you don’t have any health issues or better yet, consult a doctor beforehand.

7. Big dresses

Big and poofy dresses can be found in vintage stores nowadays. The annual Met Gala ball is considered to be the main fashion event and it sets new trends for dresses. Today, celebrities choose long simple dresses instead dresses that look like they are from some fantasy world.

8. Natural fur

Natural fur is no longer something that only very rich people can afford. And at the same time, people realized that animals should be protected. There is a long list of fashion designers who refuse to use natural fur: Stella McCartney, Armani, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger. And Marco Bizzarri, the CEO of the best selling brand in the world, claimed that Gucci would not use natural fur in their collections. This step was made to put an end to animal cruelty.

In order to make your clothes look less old-fashioned and heavy, choose colorful artificial fur. Light “fur” coats also look amazing.

9. Patent shoes and bags

Patent shoes and bags look good on little girls who have just started going to school. And if adult women wear something like this, it’s a sign of bad taste in clothes. The modern Duchess Kate Middleton always looks amazing and she doesn’t wear any patent shoes.

10. Parka

A parka is a long warm coat that has a few advantages, for example, and it’s comfortable and it looks cool. However, it deprives you of looking unique. More than that, a classic parka has a very limited color variety: 50 shades of khaki, navy, and graphite. Put on a colorful coat and don’t be afraid to stand out! Vogue confirms this theory: according to the magazine, the more unusual a coat looks, the better. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Which of the things in the article surprised you the most? Are you ready to stop following outdated trends? Tell us in the comment section below!

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