10 Kinds of Men Women REALLY Like

There's one question all men of the world are trying to answer. It sounds like this: What do women really want? Despite the popular belief, it's possible to find quite a simple answer to this eternal question.

The female part of Bright Side finally decided to dot the i's and cross the t's and made a list of 10 things we expect from men. Guys, take note!

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10. Spontaneous

This doesn't mean you should spend every weekend in a new country. This doesn't mean every night a brass band should play under her window. Even a tub filled with champagne is likely to be superfluous. Show spontaneity in the small things. Invite her to a dance during a walk, or write an unexpected text. Girls like to guess what will happen next.

9. Persistent

When she says "no," she doesn't mean "no." However, she also doesn't mean "yes" or "maybe." Sometimes a woman's words don't mean anything at all. Yet not because they don't understand what they want - quite the opposite. What they want is a man who will show persistence and prove that "yes!" is the only possible answer to his offer.

8. Inspiring

Any woman is ready to become the most devoted fan or even a whole support group for her beloved. Therefore, she absolutely has the right to wait for the same attitude in return. Whatever a woman does, it's important to show a sincere interest in her life. Does she dream of becoming an actress? Starting her own business? Running a marathon? Her chances of achieving the goal will double if you take the rule of repeating one single phrase: "I believe in you."

7. Thoughtful

If you really think girls only need diamonds, expensive jewelry, and trips to the end of the world, quickly throw this garbage out of your head. A small yet thoughtful gift will make a woman's heart beat faster. Just listen carefully to what she says. Sooner or later you'll find out that she loves violets in pots, has been dreaming of a toy piano since childhood, or is crazy about the books of some writer. Now you know what to do.

6. A man with a great sense of humor

Some wit probably once joked that girls like serious guys. And those men deprived of a sense of humor believed it. Yet even scientists have proved that laughter is one of the strongest natural aphrodisiacs. So joke more often, but remember there are things you shouldn't joke about. For example, her dress, hairstyle, or family.

5. Attentive and caring

Just don't go too far. Don't pursue her, don't call her 100 times a day, and don't send a million emails. A few simple and sincere questions will let her know you really care. Don't forget to ask how her day was, how she's feeling, what she wants, and what she's thinking about. Women need such questions as air.

4. Positive

Psychologists claim that a man and a woman as a couple resemble two connecting vessels. If one of them is filled with positivity, the same will soon happen to the other. A stable good mood is one of the best gifts a man can give to a woman. Just smile more often, share bright emotions with her, and the result won't keep you waiting.

3. Supportive

Of course, sometimes we have a difficult day when we want to give up everything, bury our face in a pillow, and cry for the whole day. Yet science says that women are much more emotional by nature and experience sadness, melancholy, or depression more often than men. That's why they want someone at such moments who can be a shoulder to cry on and promise that everything will be fine.

2. Honest

It would seem so obvious that it's not even worth mentioning. However, don't underestimate how much women need honesty from men. If you want to spend an evening not with her but with your friends, tell her that. Don't make up stupid excuses and stories about how much work you have to do. Any woman knows how to tell the truth from lies, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. Always tell the truth.

1. Respectful

If you still think of women as the weak half of humanity, then you know absolutely nothing about them, and this point is for you. They're able to create beautiful things and inspire. They come up with grandiose ideas and implement them. They can make men happy. Women know their own value and expect the same from you. Don't forget to repeat more often how much you appreciate them and what they really mean to you. You'll see happiness right around the corner.

But the main thing is...

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you look like or what type of car you drive. The main thing is how you make a woman feel around you.

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