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10 Things That Can Be More Useful If Used Differently

Sometimes we notice that things that are initially meant for one purpose become more effective for another. You just need to turn your imagination and creative thinking on and look differently at the things we are all used to. New ideas can make your life easier and sometimes even save you a lot of money.

Bright Side collected a few great tips on how to use ordinary things in a completely different way.

10. A plastic cup

A disposable plastic cup for drinks can be used as a measuring cup. They are not made with relief marks for the sake of design but to designate different amounts of liquids.

9. Ketchup

If your hair has turned green after a bad dye, you don't have to spend a lot of money to fix the mishap. There is a good low-cost solution: make a ketchup hair mask just like Sienna Miller did. Take a few tablespoons of ketchup, spread it on your hair, wrap your hair with plastic wrap, and leave for 30 minutes. Repeat every day until your hair gets the desired tone.


The popular construction bricks for kids can be very useful at home. You can find more variants here.

7. Binder clips

You can tame the cord chaos at your desk by using binder clips in a brand-new way.

6. A garden rake

You can take an old rake, wash it, take the handle off, paint it, and make it a unique wine glass hanger in your kitchen.

5. Olive oil

We are used to the cosmetic properties of oils, and we use them for our skin and hair. However, there is also another variant — using them to paint leather. If you want to make your shoes or other leather goods darker, paint them with olive oil and a regular brush. The more layers of oil you put on, the darker the leather becomes.

4. A wooden clothespin

A simple clothespin that is normally used for holding clothes as they dry can help to keep your fingers safe while hammering a nail. Just place the nail into a clothespin, and hold the other side of it with your fingers.

3. Muffin tin

You can use a muffin tin for sauces and condiments at an outdoor party. It will also be easy to wash it afterward.

2. Spaghetti

If you don't have long matches and need to light a candle in a glass holder, you don't have to burn your hands: just light a stick of spaghetti, and use it instead of a match.

1. Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub is a common remedy used for treating colds and muscle pains. However, due to its antibacterial and analgesic properties, it can be used in alternative ways. For example, it can be used for treating mild earache: put a small amount of the ointment on a cotton ball, and place it in your ear. This will help to ease the pain, but it won't help if there is an infection. You'll have to see your doctor if the pain doesn't go away.

You can also use Vicks VapoRub for:

  • Soothing inflamed pimples
  • Getting rid of mosquitoes and other insects
  • Taking care of your feet
  • Stopping pets from scratching furniture
  • Treating toenail fungus
  • Reducing stretch marks

Bonus: a dustpan instead of a hose

Which trick did you like most of all? Share your own ideas for using things in new ways in the comments.

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