10 Tips From Cops That Can Save Your Time and Nerves

Have you ever wondered about the secrets law enforcement people may know? We believe the tips the police give us are reliable and can help in unexpected situations because they are invested in taking care of us.

Bright Side presents 10 hints from cops that you might not know. There's also a curious bonus waiting for you at the end of the list. So are you ready to learn some of the tips the police know and regular people don't? Here we go!

1. Keep your kid safe in a crowd.

Everyone will agree that losing a kid in a crowd is the most horrible nightmare for any parent. The Clovis Police Department in Clovis, California, shared with us an absolutely genius tip for parents to keep their kids safe. You simply need to write your phone number on your kid's wrist and cover it with a liquid bandage solution. As a result, parents are less worried about their child, and kids will be happy to have their first "tattoo."

2. Think twice about buying a radar detector.

Most patrol cars have 2 antennae, and they can beat even the most expensive radars used by regular drivers. Usual radar detectors are designed to notify only, so they don't have the same options as a cop's radar gun. As a result, they can differ from the frequencies monitored by cops' detectors, and the speed they display may not be accurate either.

3. Save your night vision.

When you see a car coming toward you with its high beams lit, just close one eye. After the car passes, blink your eyes one at a time until the eye that was exposed to the light has recovered. Your vision will soon be fine, although your passenger might be a little confused by your fascinating facial gestures!

4. A way to hide in an extremely dangerous situation

This ingenious invention is designed to help you hide quickly when being chased. All you need is a small piece of a duct, an industrial territory, and some practice at performing this trick smoothly. Unfortunately, this method doesn't hide you from your problems.

5. Driving a Bugatti can be attractive.

It's not that cops have something against Bugattis. It's that they're curious about the car itself, how it looks inside, and who is driving it. So if you're speeding in this type of car, know that you'll be eye-catching to more than pedestrians and other drivers.

6. Patrol cars are watching you at the end of the month.

Every month, more often at the end of it, police forces get ticket quotas that they need to fill. This is often achieved by pulling people over for speeding, and there is nothing that can be done if a police officer has been told to do this by government officials. What's more, this may result in raising votes for politicians. On the other hand, it can increase the level of crime prevention!

7. You can avoid a ticket.

Speeding tickets can cost a lot and lead to increased insurance costs. You can also spend time bringing a case to court. There's only one piece of advice a cop will give you: don't be a jerk. If you are polite to the cop from the beginning, you're more likely to get just a warning instead of a ticket. We are all humans and have feelings. We even found some phrases for you, which can serve well. Tell us in the comments if you know more.

8. Don't remember where you left the car?

If you don't remember where your car is and your remote control key doesn't help you, it's time to use your body power. Just put your remote keychain under your chin, and press the button again. Don't believe us? Watch this, and try it yourself.

9. Save your packages during the holidays.

Stealing packages from the neighbors seems to be sadly commonplace these days, especially when it comes to shopping during the holidays. Almost everyone prefers 2 things: online shopping and not staying at home. The Wichita police gave us some pieces of advice for looking after your packages. If you have surveillance cameras and know your neighbors, you can ask them to take care of your items. If you didn't know how to start a conversation with the people around you, it's a good way to make friends.

10. Zip Grip Go provides safe driving.

We all know that driving in snowy conditions can be really dangerous. These ties were made to help "unstick" your car from a snowy driveway. If you have to deal with slippery roads, ice, and snow, it's a great solution! It can also make your car's appearance more special.

As we promised, we prepared a bonus for you. Have you ever wondered what's inside a cop's trunk? If you haven't yet, you might be interested now.

The first thing you'll probably see will be a shotgun locked in the trunk. Then there will be some stuff for evidence, such as a campaign hat, evidence bags of different sizes, an evidence kit, rain and traffic jackets, and some handbooks and things like that. You may also find dog food there. To prevent getting bitten, cops give dogs food. To know more details about the stuff in a patrol car, you can watch this video.

Now you can see that the tips we found can be not only helpful but also easy to follow. So if you liked these hints, don't keep them from your friends!

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