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10 Tips That Can Help When Bleaching Your Clothes

It's rather difficult to maintain the whiteness of clothes and deal with the various stains, yellowness, and discolorations that appear after several washes. Lots of things can spoil your favorite items and can make you avoid buying white clothes.

Bright Side gathered easy tricks that will help preserve that perfect whiteness without too much effort or expensive tools.

Dawn dishwashing liquid, peroxide, and baking soda

"Mix together Dawn, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda (4:2:1), and apply with a brush on those areas that you want to bleach." That's what the author of this article says. If you want to bleach the whole thing, add this mix into 67 fl oz (2 l) of water, and leave for a few hours. Then you can wash it as usual.


The author of this article shows how ammonia helps to remove difficult marks like bloodstains. Don't forget to wear rubber gloves, and make sure the room is ventilated before using the substance. To bleach the whole thing, mix 4 ammonia drops, one tbsp of hydrogen peroxide, and 67 fl oz (2 l) of water. Leave your items for a couple of hours, and wash using a detergent.

Lighter fluid

If there is an oil stain, try to clean it with lighter fluid. Pour some onto the stain, and wait until it evaporates. You may need to repeat this procedure several times before a stain vanishes. Then wash the item as usual.


Put 3 or 4 aspirin pills with your clothes inside the washing machine to reduce yellowness. You can also use the pills to remove sweat stains: pour some water onto the pills to "activate" them, apply the mix to the stains, leave it all for a few hours, and then wash the clothes as usual.

White bread (wheat flour bread)

To remove lipstick or foundation stains, take a piece of white bread, and roll a ball. Pat the ball on the stain, avoiding any smearing. It's recommended to do this right after a stain appears. Then wash the clothes as usual.

Glass cleaner

To remove a stain from markers, use glass cleaner. Put a napkin under a spot to prevent the rest of the fabric from becoming soaked. Spray glass cleaner onto the stain, and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wash your clothes as usual.


"Before putting white clothes into a washing machine, put them into lemon water," the author of this article says. Put your clothes in water, and add some slices of lemon and one tsp of hydrogen peroxide.

Boric acid

Boric acid deals well with yellow sweat stains. Mix one tbsp of boric acid with water, and apply to the stains. Leave for 15–20 minutes, and then wash as usual. Or you can mix one tbsp of boric acid with detergent and put it into the washing machine to bleach all the clothes. But don't use this method too often: bleach your clothes with special products once every 3 washes.


To remove a grease stain using this method, rub your clothes with chalk before washing them. Chalk is a great absorbent, which is why the stains come off more easily.

Dishwasher powder

To make clothes look new, it's recommended to mix a detergent and dishwasher powder in equal measures. Add this mix into the washing machine, and wash your clothes as usual.

Have you already tried any of these tips? Share your impressions in the comments!

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