10 Tricks From Our Grannies That Still Work

Some tricks and hacks can be really ingenious, and so many generations use them. Yet some are forgotten over time, turning into some kind of "grandpa-style" tips.

Bright Side decided to recall the past and collected 10 utterly useful tricks that were popular among our grannies.

#1. Roses will live twice as long if you put half an aspirin in the water.

Aspirin prevents water decay and helps to preserve chrysanthemums, carnations, gladioli, and roses. As for daffodils, it's better to add a pinch of salt to the water. Use some vinegar for dahlias.

#2. To teach your child to hold a pen properly, use a rubber band.

Put a rubber band on the hand, and then attach a pen to it with the cap facing the wrist. Now turn it 180°. The pen will now stay in the right position.

#3. Sprinkle salt on a greasy stain on clothes as quickly as possible.

Salt will absorb most of the grease. Just sprinkle, wait, and shake. A large stain will be easier to wash off, and a small one will simply disappear.

#4. Dried nail polish can be diluted with nail polish remover.

Several drops of nail polish remover will make the polish not only more liquid but shinier. However, the main thing is not to add too much or it will become too watery.

#5. A burned pan can be easily cleaned by boiling salted water in it.

You can easily clean even a greasy burned surface without special detergents. Simply add several tablespoons of salt to water, and boil for 15-20 minutes.

#6. You can clean your fingers from beet or berry juice with lemon.

The usual soap only strengthens the purple color. This is why, to get rid of dark stains from beets or berries, it's better to use lemon juice. Or you can simply rub your hands with a piece of lemon.

#7. Eggs won't crack and the white won't leak while boiling if you put them in salted water.

Salt won't affect the eggs cracking, but it will prevent the egg white from leaking, leaving the natural taste as it is.

#8. To avoid bread crumbling, dip the knife into boiling water.

To ensure that fresh bread doesn't fall apart when cutting it, first dip the knife into boiling water. You can also pour water from the kettle onto it. Then wipe the blade, and cut smooth slices.

#9. Potatoes help to remove irritation and inflammation from insect bites.

Take a small potato, wash it, and cut it. Attach the cut side to a clean wound or bite, and fix it with a bandage or adhesive plaster.

Potatoes reduce itching and inflammation and help to moisturize a wound, which increases the healing speed. It helps with any bites and irritations.

#10. Define the cardinal directions with a wristwatch.

Take a wristwatch, and rotate it so that the hour hand faces the sun. Then divide the angle between the hour hand and the number 1 in half. The line separating the angle will point to the south.

  • Until noon, the south will be on the right side of the sun, and after noon – on the left.
Illustrator Marat Nugumanov for Bright Side
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