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10 Useful Tricks to Look Your Best

We all know that a first impression is very important, that’s why we always try to look as good as possible. It’s also why we try to stick to a certain style and think about what we wear. But there are a few more things that we should remember in order to look perfect.

Bright Side shares useful secrets on how to look perfect in any situation.

Your collar should match the shape of your face

When we are choosing a shirt or a blouse, we don’t always pay attention to the shape of the collar. This is not a terrible mistake, but if you pay attention to this part, you will be able to highlight the shape of your face.

A narrow collar is good for people with a wide face because this collar can make it visually slimmer. For those, who have an oval-shaped face, a classic collar is recommended. And those who have narrow faces can experiment with collar shape, for example, they could choose a round-shaped one.

Pay attention to your shoulders and sleeves

When you are trying on clothes, pay attention to the shoulders and sleeves. There’s a rule about these two parts: the shoulder seams should be exactly on the shoulders and the sleeves should end at the wrist.

Pay attention to your rolled sleeves

Many people are used to rolling their sleeves on their shirts and blouses. But when they unroll them in the evening, the fabric is often crumpled. To avoid it, you should pull down your sleeves at least once in a few hours.

Closed and opened buttons on a coat

It may seem surprising but even a small detail like buttons on coats and jackets needs a certain amount of attention. You should know that the upper button can be closed or left open, the middle ones should always be closed, and the lower one should always be open.

Don’t be afraid to spend a lot on shoes

Many people know that good quality shoes can live much longer. Besides, these shoes are better for your legs. And this is for sure: good shoes need to be taken care of. Taking proper care of them by following the recommendations will make your shoes last longer, and you will be able to avoid deformation and excess moisture.

Pine hangers for your clothes

Pine hangers can be a great tool to absorb the excess moisture from the clothes. And of course, the natural material will not damage your clothes.

Never say no to the belt

If your pants have the loops for a belt, you should use them. Without a belt your overall image will look unfinished, so you should have a few classic ones in your collection. Besides, many people think that belts should be matched with the shoes you are wearing, so before you buy a belt, figure out which shoes you will wear it with.

A T-shirt shouldn’t be seen under your shirt

This is mostly for men because they are the ones who love wearing a shirt with a T-shirt underneath. When you put on a T-shirt, you should make sure that it’s out of sight to avoid looking messy. Close all the buttons (to hide the T-shirt) or don’t wear a T-shirt at all, and choose a vest instead.

Socks should match your clothes

You can experiment with the color of your socks in everyday life, but when you are going to a serious meeting, you should stick to the rules. When it comes to socks, people say that they should match the color of your pants. Men can also match their socks with their tie if they have one.

Fold your sweaters

Everyone probably knows that sweaters tend to change shape with time. But this process might speed up if you keep them on hangers. To avoid the stretching of your sweater, fold it, and keep it on a shelf.

Which of these recommendations seemed the most useful? Maybe, you know something else that you can share in the comment section below?

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