10 Ways to Emulate a Smart Person

While some scientists are arguing about whether it's possible to develop your intelligence level over the course of your life or whether you are limited by your genes, others are working on solving more pressing problems. They found out how to at least look smarter than we really are.

Bright Side made a list of the most effective and simple ways to give the impression that you are smart.

Work on your appearance

We have a tendency to think that attractive people are smarter than others. This is a stereotype that's turned out to be true, according to the studies of the psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa.

According to Kanazawa, beautiful people are perfect in a genetic way. They are more attractive on the outside and they are smarter. This superiority has been forming for ages, that's why everyone feels it at a subconscious level.

It's very easy to deceive the public. Get a haircut that highlights the features of your face, visit a dentist to fix and whiten your teeth. And, use cosmetics to make your face look more symmetrical.

Don't ignore the first impression

It's believed that people are judged by their clothes. According to the scientific work of a team at Coastal Carolina University, the first impression made by a well-dressed person is remembered longer. Maybe this happens because the people around us just see us differently, or maybe because it really helps us feel more confident and show our best side.

Don't be afraid of making eye contact

In some cultures, it's not okay to make eye contact. But if you are not talking to someone who has this cultural tradition, you absolutely have to maintain eye contact. According to the research done by professor Nora A. Murphy, eye contact makes you look like an open and confident person.

If that doesn't work, just put on...

...thick-framed glasses

A team of scientists from the University of Vienna shared their results from an unusual study. We all know the magical effect of glasses — they make any face look more intelligent. But, as it turns out, there is a connection between the thickness of the frame and the power of influence. So, if you want to look smarter, you need a thicker frame.

Speak clearly

The American physicist Leonard Mlodinow believes that a certain manner of speaking helps create the impression of being a smart person, even if you aren't. You should speak clearly and not make long dramatic pauses. Don't use special terminology if you aren't sure that the person will understand you, because they might think that you are doing it on purpose to make them look stupid. Want to look like a smart person? Be a nice person!

...and smile

According to the results of a study conducted at the Charles University in Prague, people who smile don't just seem nicer, but also seem smarter than those who don't. However, this is mostly true for men. Maybe, it's because women smile more often anyway, or because when women smile, some people think that they aren't very smart.

Text so that you are easily understood

Nowadays, when texting has become much more popular than any other kind of communication, the ability to express your thoughts clearly and correctly is becoming more important than eloquence.

A Princeton University team has made an interesting study which has shown the connection between the simplicity of written texts and the reputation of the author. As it turnes out, the more simple the text, the smarter the author seems.

Use charts in your speech

Charts will make your text seem more scientific. It doesn't matter that some people can't even read charts. What matters is the effect carts have on people. A Cornwell University team has come to the conclusion that text with charts convinces readers more than text without them. They make readers trust the author more and think that the author is a talented person.

Walk like everyone else

Thanks to this unusual study, we know that people who walk faster or slower than others are not considered very smart. And there are reasons for that. Such people break the rhythm of other people, they cause falls, coffee spills on clothes, and create bad moods. If you don't want to look stupid, walk like everybody else.

Make jokes and appreciate other people's humor

If you at least react to other people's jokes, you're already considered smart. And if having the ability to make jokes is a nice bonus, then reacting to other people's jokes is a necessity.

If you have your own ideas about outward signs of higher intelligence, share them in the comment section below!

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