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11 Cool Toys You Can Make With Your Children Right Now

In order to present your child with a toy they will be excited about, you don't necessarily need to rush to a toy store and spend hours wandering between the shelves. It's quite easy to make wonderful toys at home from available materials.

Bright Side prepared for you a selection of simple tips on how to make toys that your children will enjoy.


You can make this tiny foosball out of a box and pegs. The playing ground is so small that even a toddler can keep up with the gameplay.

Shadow puppets

A cardboard box and a piece of tracing paper can create a high-grade shadow puppet theatre. Let's make it and put on a play!

Stress ball balloons

These funny guys made from balloons will make great toys for both adults and children. Crease them, bend them, stretch them - and watch these hilarious faces change.

You can also make these stress balls just by filling a balloon with toothpaste - easy and efficient, and your kids will love them not a bit less.

Spin drum

This hand drum is really easy to make, but we should warn you: no more silence in your house!


As soon as you make it, you'll understand how addictive the labyrinth is. It makes time fly!


You can find hundreds of stove tutorials on the Internet, but this is one of the simplest ideas. And a plastic container will help you keep all this small tableware in order.


You can make it in ten minutes, but your children will be playing with it for hours.

Fly hunting

You can easily make such froggies out of cardboard. But don't let these tiny flies trick you: they're hard to catch.

Changing face

Your kids will be delighted with this toy and spend hours watching its changing emotions.

Construction quarry

It's so cool to play with real sand and rocks instead of Lego bricks! Just let your kids play with this and you'll have enough time to do all you need.

Ring toss

This toy will not only entertain your kids but also train their accuracy and agility.

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