11 Features That Help Instagram Gurus Stay at the Top

Around 500 million people use Instagram every day. When Instagram introduced video posting, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours. Do you have an account?

If you do, Bright Side dedicates this article to you. Let’s look at some tricks that will make your profile really cool.

1. Use Instagram to edit your pictures.

Turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile connection on your phone. Do your regular editing and uploading. Press “Share“ at the end.

You will see the message ”Will auto-post when possible" because you are not connected. Don’t forget to discard the post so that it doesn’t auto-post. Then look for the picture in your phone’s gallery.

2. Correct unintentional likes.

Did you make a mistake and like a photo you didn’t want to? Relax, you can correct the situation: return to the newest publications, and put your like on the last one, for example. The owner of the account will see only this action.

3. Create collections of pictures you liked.

If you liked a picture and you want quick access to it, you can use the option of making collections.

Press the flag icon in the lower right corner under the picture, then press "Save to Collection," and give it a nice name. As easy as that! Now you can find your favorite publications in no time.

4. Hide ads that don’t interest you.

Instagram often shows you ads based on your subscriptions and the photos you liked. If an ad bothers you when scrolling your feed (or simply irritates you), you can hide it easily. Press the 3 dots in the top right corner above the ad, and choose "Hide Ad."

You can also explain why you don’t want to see it. This will make your Instagram experience better.

5. Save your Instagram pictures.

In order to save pictures not only in your Instagram account but also in your phone’s memory, go to your profile and press the 3 dots in the top right corner. Enable the option "Save Original Photos" in the menu.

6. Hide photos of you.

If you don’t want anyone to tag you in pictures without your consent, go to your profile page and choose “Photos of You.“ Now go to the ”Settings“ menu (3 vertical dots in the top right corner). In the “Photos of You” menu, choose ”Hide Photos." Then just tag the pics you want to remove from your page.

7. Use Time Lapse to make cool videos in Instagram.

Time Lapse videos are clips made with many pictures taken with an interval from a second up to several hours.

If you don’t have such a function on your phone, download the app Hyperlapse (for iOS) or Lapse It (for Android). Make videos up to 45 minutes long, and launch them with different speeds — from normal up to 12 times faster.

8. Choose Stories.

It doesn’t make sense to post more than one publication a day as they are shown not in chronological order but are based on the actions of your followers. You are seen only by those who give you likes and comments. You lose all the rest.

Choose Instagram stories over a regular posting. This is how you can "stay in touch" with all your subscribers, not just devoted fans.

9. Create voting in Instagram Stories.

Instagram added a new sticker to Stories, which allows you to create voting.

Interact with your audience. Let your subscribers share their opinion. The voting sticker is used just like any other sticker. You drag it onto your picture and add a question and answer variants. Users see your Stories, vote, and you see the results and a list of the subscribers who voted.

10. Use the "dramatic" superzoom.

Recently, a new video feature appeared: Superzoom. You can find it between Boomerang and Rewind.

You launch the function, press the shutter button, and get a 3-second video. The app automatically adds dramatic music. You’ll have a lot of fun with it!

11. Be creative.

Today you won’t surprise anyone with ordinary selfies. Try to use your creativity while taking photos. Look around, and find unusual objects you can use in your photo shoot. Or you can use something old in a new and surprising way.

Don’t hesitate to ask other people to take pictures of you. After all, you never know when a good idea or a good angle may occur.


Don’t forget to be sincere! Lively and positive pictures get way more likes, comments, and subscribers.

Which tricks do you use? Share them with us in the comments.

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