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11 Hot Tips on Dressing for the Cold

There are many different ways to get warm on a cold day. One great way to stay warm is by eating gingerbread cookies, since ginger has proven to be able to increase body temperature. Take some tips on how to stay warm from these folks in cold countries so you can apply them to your own wardrobe.

No matter how "over" the winter you are by this point - it's still cold in a lot of places. So, we at Bright Side are ready to present you with a couple of tricks to stay fashionable and comfy, while still staying warm.

1. Warm skirt hack

Tying a sweater around your waist was a thing of 80s, but it gave us a good idea for this interesting trick - find a big sweater and put it over your head, pull it down so that the neck of the sweater is around your waist. Then take the sleeves of the sweater and wrap them around the waist. From there you can go 3 different ways:

  1. Let them hang on the sides.
  2. Tie them in a bow and turn the bow of the skirt to the side or the back.
  3. Wrap and tuck the sleeves in around the waist.

Now, you'll have the warmest, coziest winter skirt.

2. Coins to the rescue

Windy weather is the worst for those of us, who prefer to wear skirts at any given occasion. If you don't want to give up your dressing habits, this simple trick will help keep your skirt in place: just take some small coins and attach them to the rim of the skirt on the inside with a tape and enjoy the walk without the "Marylin Monroe" effect.

3. Learn your basics

If you'd like to wear skirts during the winter time, you'll need to figure out the right tights and leggings to wear under it. If you go with lighter clothing, you could open yourself up to the possibility of getting a UTI and other inflammatory complications. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Cotton blend tights are the best for the transition from a cold to warm environment, beacause they breathe better than synthetic fabrics.
  • High and low denier is something you hear a lot when talking about tights, stockings, and hosiery. Denier is the weight or thickness of the fabric. High Deniers are stronger, thicker, more durable, and opaque. The ranking is generally: 5-30 denier (low), 30-60 (middle), 60-300 (high) denier. The higher ones truly feel like leggings.
  • Ripping at the toes is a real problem for anyone who wears their tights often - to reinforce the seam at the toe and make your tights last longer, just slip into some no-show socks, before putting your boots on.
  • When in between sizes - always choose the larger one, since hosiery is more delicate that a lot of other things in your wardrobe.

4. Stylish socks

Wearing shorter socks with boots will visually make your legs look shorter, not to mention expose more skin to cold air. We suggest you go with some over-the-knee socks to elongate your legs and make them warmer. Note: When purchasing over-the-knee socks, always check the rim for a strong rubber hold, this will ensure they won't slip down while walking.

5. A layering goddess

There are several tips for layering up in the winter time. The functional one would be to alternate the fabric of your clothing layers as:

  • wool or cotton for the inner layer - since it's breathable and pleasant for your skin.
  • artificial middle layer - over the natural fabric you can layer on a synthetic shirt, to keep in the warmth produced by your own body heat.
  • waterproof or windproof outer layer - goes without explanation.

Fashionable advice is to always check the length of your inner layer - if you have a button-up and a sweater, make sure that the lower rim of the button-up, the sleeves and the collar are peeking out. Otherwise, make sure you are following a general rule - if you are layering shirts or tanktops, the longer shirt should always be the inner one.

6. Overcoat overload

Back to the fashion advice - if you are wearing button-ups or cardigans, the rule is in reverse - longer and bulkier cardigan will always go on top.

7. Waterproof your garments

During the winter some of us are faced with horrible wet snow or rain. This is especially bad when you are coming to work all wet and have to sit there for next 8 hours - that's neither good for your health, nor your spirit.

So next time you're wearing tights through horrifying weather - grab the hairspray and spray them up. Let the tights dry before going out and enjoy your new, waterproof hosiery.

8. Perfect shoulder fold

Anybody who ever tried to put a sweater on a hanger knows that it can destroy the shoulders and mess up this piece of cothing forever. Use our easy technique to fold and keep your sweaters looking good.

9. Boot enlargement

If you don't have any long socks on hand and the weather is horrible - cut off the hands of long mittens or stretchy gloves and put them over the top of your boots - you can use this for both fashion and warmth.

10. Put in the works!

If the winter caught you without a suitable pair of shoes on hand, or they are just not in great shape for the snow, you can do this:

  • find thick synthetic foam or other artificial, yet bendable and temperature-regulating material,
  • put a shoe on it and outline the form of it's bottom,
  • then cut out the "shoe" bottom and place it inside the shoe - to weatherproof and make the shoes warmer.

11. From scratchy to fabulous

Buying that gorgeous sweater can be a total nightmare if the wool it's made of is scratchy in all the wrong places. This is how you can fix it:

  • make a mixture of water and a couple of spoons of white vinegar,
  • soak your sweater (turned inside out) in the mixture and gently and thoroughly massage it with your hands, then drain it,
  • while the sweater is still damp, massage in a bit of waxfree hair conditioner,
  • let it sit for about half an hour,
  • rinse off the conditioner with cold water and spread the sweater on a towel to dry,
  • then, put it in a large ziplock bag and leave it in the freezer overnight.

While doing this, be very gentle with the fabric so you don't deform the sweater - and enjoy your clothing scratch-free.


During cold winters, a scarf is a necessary evil. Here's a fun way you can wrap your scarf with style, combining it with warm coats or even a casual sweater.

Do you have any tips you use to survive winter better? Be sure to share it with us in the comments - we love your feedback.

Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side
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