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11 Quick Tips to Make Your Shoes Look Like You’ve Just Bought Them

If you've ever noticed imperfections on your shoes, don't rush to get them professionally repaired. Perhaps everything can be corrected more simply right at home. Does this sound too good to be true? Take a look at our article to learn more.

Bright Side found simple and non-expensive ways to make your shoes look as good as new and is eager to share them with you.

11. Wipe your shoes with a banana, then a napkin.

A simple banana peel and a napkin can make your shoes shine bright once again. First, wipe the leather with banana pulp and then with a napkin. You can check how it's done here.

10. If you want whiter soles, rub an eraser on them.

If you want to achieve pristine purity from the soles of your shoes, take an ordinary eraser and simply rub off all the dirt with it. Check out how it works.

9. Stick a small piece of cello tape where new shoes are rubbing your skin.

If your new shoes are unbearably rubbing your feet, there's a way out. Click here to learn how regular cello tape can replace adhesive plaster.

8. Use a nail file to get rid of dirt on suede shoes.

A nail file can be of great help when trying to clean suede. Simply use it on the problematic spots and poof - everything is clean! Don't believe us? Check it out here. Remember not to press down the nail file too hard, otherwise it can completely erase the suede.

7. Use glass cleaner to make your patent leather shoes shine.

This strange but effective method can be seen here, and it really works! In addition, your shoes will gain a nice smell.

6. Remove a scuff from your patent leather shoes with some Vaseline and a Q-tip.

We found this trick to be a very simple and effective method for removing a scuff. Find out how to do it here.

5. Stretch out tall calf boots.

Click here to see this process described in great detail. This stretching method is very useful if the upper part of new boots turns out to be too small.

4. Remove scratches from leather or leatherette shoes.

There is a great product called Liquid Leather which can be found in any furniture store. Check this one out to learn how it can get rid of deep cuts and scratches on your leather shoes.

3. Fix the backs of your shoes so they don't blister your feet or slide off your heels.

This outstanding method will help you greatly if there is no adhesive plaster nearby.

2. Fix a caught zipper.

If your zipper got caught and you have a candle nearby, this method can be very effective. Just rub the candle over the zipper and it will be as smooth as it used to be.

1. Remove salt stains from leather shoes.

If there are visible stains from snow or salt on your shoes, mix two parts water with one part vinegar, then take a toothbrush and wipe the spots that require cleaning.

We hope this advice will be helpful to you. Do you know of other efficient methods to make your shoes shine like new? Please share them in the comments!

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