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11 Rubber Band Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier

Though rubber bands were first developed in England, the U.S. Postal service is considered to be their largest consumer. Mailmen use rubber bands every single day when they sort mail or deliver a newspaper to your door. That’s why you probably have a couple of rubber bands laying around in your house and you can make them work for you, instead of putting them in a rubber band ball.

In this article Bright Side will show you some surprising ways of using a simple rubber band.

1. Lens cap strap

A genius idea that you can use if your lens cap strap suddenly brakes or you don’t have one

2. Page flipper

This is a much better way to flip pages than licking your finger and leaving marks on them.

3. Duster

Who needs fancy dusters when you can make one yourself with what you already have at home.

4. French manicure guide

This is such an easy way to get the perfect French tip.

5. Prevent a door from locking

A perfect and inexpensive solution if you want to prevent doors from locking or banging.

6. Excess paint remover

This hack will prevent paint from building up on the can, so later you won’t have problems with opening it.

7. Jar opener

Great solution for stubborn cans that don’t want to open. Works well with bottles of nail polish too!

8. Cell phone holder for your car

Don’t have a phone mount? No worries, a rubber band will fix that!

9. Toilet paper saver

You know the deal if you have kids or cats who come in and start unrolling it. Here is a simple fix.

10. Slip-proof cups for kids

Here is a simple trick if you don’t want to risk having a cup slip out of your kids’ hands.

11. Eraser

If you have used up all of the eraser on your pencil, a rubber band will do the trick.

Bonus: Cut rubber gloves if you don’t have a rubber band.

If you don’t have a rubber band but you desperately need one, just cut a rubber glove. You can make the bands different widths to suit your needs perfectly.

If you know any rubber band life hacks, share them in the comments!

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