11 Things Whose Purpose We Know so Little About

There are things we often use that we don’t even imagine are capable of more. This is why we at Bright Side decided to take a look at the little-known functions of ordinary things.

11. Tabs on the back of shoes

These tabs have several uses. Of course, the main one is that it’s more comfortable when putting on high-laced shoes. But that’s not all: the tab can be used for extra lacing around the leg and also for drying the shoes by hanging them on a hook by the tab.

10. Tabs inside plastic bottle caps

They can be found in the bottle covers of carbonated drinks. Without them, the gases would simply evaporate.

9. A small hole in padlocks

This hole has several purposes. First, it protects the lock from moisture accumulation: due to moisture ingress, the mechanism quickly rusts, so the hole doesn’t let liquid accumulate. Second, in the winter this hole prevents the lock from freezing. You can also use it to pour a couple of drops of motor oil inside if the mechanism starts to stick.

8. Holes on a vacuum cleaner handle

They’re designed to reduce suction power. This is convenient when you, for example, vacuum clean curtains. It will also help if something is stuck in the brush or tube. By opening the hole, you quickly reduce the suction power and protect the vacuum cleaner from overheating. Modern vacuum cleaners are usually not in danger of this, but it can actually save older models.

7. Mode controller in plastic windows

Plastic windows have a handy mechanism that switches modes depending on the season. Few people know we can use both “summer“ and ”winter" settings, different by the force of pressing the frame. And remember that you’d better not use the “winter” mode all year as this wears the seal out faster.

6. Teeth and holes at the end of a tape measure

We noticed but didn’t pay attention — this is what most of us would answer. And in vain: you can easily cope with measurements without assistance if you hook the end of a tape measure to a nail or a screw. And the teeth will come in handy to immediately make a mark without having to look for a pencil.

5. Bumps on a keyboard

There are bumps on the “F“ and ”J" keys — a little guidance for those using touch-typing. They help people correctly place their fingers on the keyboard without looking at it.

4. Holes in Chupa Chups sticks

The purpose of this strange hole is simple, although it looks mysterious: when the caramel is hot, it flows a little into the hole. Thanks to this, the candy is tightly held on the stick.

3. The embossed side of cotton pads

As it turns out, not everyone knows why cotton pads have different surfaces. The embossed side is intended for applying makeup, while the smooth side is for cleaning the face and removing makeup.

2. Special details on a stapler

A very convenient function we didn’t know about or use. The platform on the bottom of the stapler, which bends the staples, can be turned 180 degrees. And then the ends of the staples will bend outside, not inside. It’s convenient if you want to fasten sheets temporarily.

1. Foam rubber or fur on microphones

Foam and fur covers are not used for decoration. They slow down the airflow so that outdoors no howling wind is heard in the microphone. And with a professional recording in the studio, such protection helps to fade the "explosive" consonants in speech, which turn into sound strikes for the audience.

Preview photo credit Kevin Spencer
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