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11 Time-Saving Tips That Make Life Way Easier

There are things that we do every day that we are sick of doing. Fortunately, there are little tips that can help us manage our routine and keep tasks to a minimum.

Bright Side has collected 11 life-saving tips that will save you a lot of time.

Watering plants

Pierce a bottle cap while it’s still on the bottle, pour some water in it and stick it into the flower pot. Let the flowers water themselves!

Ironing clothes

Hang your T-shirt, your shirt, or your jacket on a hanger on the other side of the shower curtain. The steam will “iron” the clothes.

Doing dishes

Put a pita on the plate and your food on top of it. This way, your plate will remain clean. You can also wrap your plate in plastic.

You can cook an omelet by putting a mix of eggs, milk, and vegetables in a ziplock bag. Put it in boiling water for 10 minutes and not only will your breakfast be cooked, your frying pan will be clean!

Holding a tablet in your hands

If you are going to watch a movie on your tablet, you can take a trouser hanger and hang it somewhere you can watch it from.

Again, you can use a ziplock bag on a plane and put a smartphone in it. The quality of the picture may get worse, but at least your hands will be free.

Cooling down tea

In order to get tea or coffee to cool down very quickly, put 3 or 4 teaspoons or tablespoons in the cup.

To not have to mix the sugar, put it in the cup first and then pour in the hot water. It will dissolve in the hot liquid instantly.

Writing a shopping list

Before you leave home, take a picture of what you already have in the fridge so you will know what you don’t have when you are at the supermarket.

Cleaning dust

When you clean your home, add some hair conditioner to the water. Wash the shelves and tabletops and be sure that the dust will collect two times faster.

Putting things in their place

At the end of the week, take all your things that are lying around the house into a box and walk around the space putting all the things back. You won’t have to run back and forth putting things away one by one.

Doing sports

Even if you can’t imagine yourself visiting the gym three times a week, you can do sports at home. Connect sports with something you do at home. For example, if you like video games, do 10 push-ups for every time you lose. You will play better because you won’t want to do the push-ups and vice versa.

Cooling down beverages

In order not to wait for a beverage to cool down, keep several glasses in the freezer. The beverage will become cold instantly.

Getting rid of mice and insects

If you have unwanted visitors in your house such as mice or insects, there is an easy way to get rid of them. Just place used peppermint teabags behind the furniture where you can’t see them, and they will scare away the creepy crawlers. Actually, anything that has peppermint in it should do the trick. If you are not someone who drinks tea, you can just buy peppermint spray and use that.

Which of these tips seemed the most useful? Tell us in the comment section below!

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