11 Tricks to Perfect Posing for Girls With Curves

Sometimes it seems almost impossible for a curvy woman to look just as good as those girls on magazine covers. However, it's not true at all. Regardless of her body type, any woman can look gorgeous in a photo if she knows several simple tricks.

Bright Side will tell you about 11 posing tricks that can make any curvy woman look stunning in every photo.

1. Make your arms look thinner.

To make your arms smaller in a photo, don't hold them too tightly against your body. Turn sideways to the camera, and put one hand on your hips to create a gap between your arm and your body. This simple pose will make your arms look thin and graceful.

2. Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

A gap between your thighs indicates a well-balanced body shape and slim legs. To achieve this in your photo, just try to stay on your toes, and move your tush backward.

3. Deal with a double chin.

Regardless of her body type, any girl can have a double chin in a photo. The problem is usually holding your head in the wrong position. If you don't like seeing that second chin, move your head forward a little bit, and place your tongue on your palate.

4. Get bigger hips and a smaller waist.

It's so easy to make a smooth curve with your body when you have the perfect figure. Move your hips slightly sideways to the camera, and put your hand on your waist. This simple pose will make your hips bigger and your waist thinner.

5. Hide back skin rolls.

A pose with a look over your shoulder can create unappealing back skin rolls that spoil the whole picture. Don't worry! It's easy to hide them. You just have to know the following trick: push forward the shoulder that stands closer to the camera.

6. Hide tummy bulges.

If you have to sit facing the camera to take a picture, your tummy might not look exactly as you want it to. This pose is not that great because it exposes undesirable bulges in your middle section. To make your posture more elegant and thin, sit to the side in an inclined position with your legs straight. If done correctly, this pose will change the way you look in photos.

7. Sit with your back straight.

It may sound a bit too obvious, but sitting with your back straight can dramatically change your whole look. However, many people seem to forget about it. Perfect posture can hide bulges in your midsection and make your arms and legs look thinner and longer.

8. Move your body forward a little.

When you take a portrait photo, don't lean back. By doing so you look broader, you create a second chin, and your neck looks shorter. Tilt your head, and move your body toward the camera to get the perfect shot.

9. Shift your weight to one side.

Under no circumstances should you stand with your side to the camera as this pose will only show everything that is "undesirable." Don't hide your body! Emphasize its beauty. Stand in a half-turn. Spread your shoulders, shift your weight to your back leg, move your front leg forward, and stand on your toes.

10. Take a photo from behind.

Curvy divas know that the best parts of their bodies are their breasts and tush. That's why one of the best angles for a photo is from behind. It'll help you place the emphasis on the advantages of your body. Just stand in a half-turn to the camera, put both hands on your waist, and tilt your head a little.

11. Cross your legs.

If you still think it's hard to create a smooth curve with your body, we'll show you one easy trick. Cross your legs as if you're going to take a step, and put one hand on your waist. Now you have a great pose for your next photo.

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