11 Tried-and-Tested Tricks for Those Who Wear Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know these problems very well: finding your glasses case is hard, and stopping your lenses from clouding over is even harder.

We at Bright Side tried a couple of tips for how to make your life with spectacles easier.

Finding your glasses in the dark

Apply a thin line of fluorescent paint on your glasses case. It'll become much easier to find it in a dark room.

Wiping the lenses

The best fabric to dry-clean your glasses is microfiber. It doesn't scratch the lenses and neither does it accumulate grime. Never wipe the lenses with your shirt's hem or sleeve: they'll leave tiny scratches that will create an additional burden for your eyes.

Replacing your glasses

In case of an emergency, when your spectacles aren't available, you can do without them. If you're near-sighted, use your smartphone to see details more clearly.

Washing the lenses

Dishwashing liquid is perfect for lenses! Don't use cleansers containing alcohol, vinegar, ammonia, or bleach as these substances deteriorate the protective coating of the lenses.

Preventing the lenses from clouding over

Clouding over is one of the biggest problems for those who wear glasses. To stop the lenses from becoming opaque with a change of temperature, apply some liquid or hard soap on them in advance.

Glasses are not a hairband

Don't use your spectacles as a hairband - the frame will lose its shape and start falling off. When washing your face and in other situations when you don't use your glasses, better just take them off.

Quickly repairing your glasses

If you lose the screws, you can use a toothpick as a temporary solution. Connect the frame and the earpiece, insert the toothpick, and break off the excess.

Too broad or too narrow earpieces

If your glasses keep sliding down, hold the rounded parts of the earpieces in hot water for a few minutes until the plastic gets a bit softer. Then bend the ends down so they better fit your ears. On the other hand, if your spectacles are a little too tight, hold the earpieces in hot water, and then try bending the rounded ends up to reduce the pressure.


To adjust the nosepieces, put your glasses on an even surface to see how they look compared to each other.

Shape of the frame

If you've got wide-spaced eyes, opt for glasses with a thick or prominent bridge - this will draw attention to the middle of your face, making your eyes visually closer to each other. If you have close-set eyes, choose frames with decorations on the outer edge. That way, your eyes will look farther apart from each other.

For drivers

A piece of advice for drivers: don't leave your plastic glasses on the dashboard in direct sunlight. Heating up, the lenses may lose shape or even pop. It's best to store your spectacles in the glove compartment in a special pocket.

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