11 unusual shelves you can make with your own hands

Sometimes all you need to do to transform your home is to alter one small feature. An example might be an unusual shelf for books, souvenirs, or other small items. And it's always a bonus when you can create one with your own hands.

That's why we at Bright Side picked out 11 of the most unusual ideas for making your own shelves. You might be surprised to learn that you can make any of them in no time at all.

A square shelf

A shelf like this one looks like a set of posters on the wall.

A hanging shelf

All it takes is a bright piece of string or lace to create something unusual and stylish at the same time. You can hang it in any corner of  your home.

A corner shelf

Why not take advantage of any corners jutting out within your home to put up something really eye-catching? This kind of shelf can really save space. Plus it looks very artistic.

Brightly colored box-shelves

You simply won't be able to tear your eyes off these beautiful box-shelves that can be attached to the wall. But remember to stick to the rule of 'less is more' - too many of these will make a room look crowded.


Not only does this design look very stylish, it can also help you to better organize your work space since you have the option of 'weighing' only the books you are currently reading or using to study.

A labyrinth

A design for those who know that creativity is never organized. All you need is a set of wooden boards - then let your imagination guide you!

A bendy shelf

You've got to admit - this one is pretty cool. And you'd be surprised that you can actually make it entirely on your own!

A shelf with different sections

Just a simple wooden structure, but look how beautiful it is! And there's so many different little niches to store things in.

A 'branch'

This one's a great idea if you've got lots of smaller shelves and you want to make them look more interesting. This real work of art would look great in either the kitchen or a bedroom.

A triangular shelf

Think outside the box! Why not put two triangular shelves together to create an unusual mirror effect? Your guests won't be able to tear their eyes off it.

A cardboard shelf for little things

You don't always have to use wood to make shelves. Despite only being made of cardboard, this little item is actually sturdy enough to hold up plenty of those little items we need to use on an everyday basis.

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