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11 Utterly Essential Tricks to Help You Maintain Your "Miss Perfect" Image

11 Utterly Essential Tricks to Help You Maintain Your "Miss Perfect" Image

Female ingenuity knows no limits, especially when it comes to looking stunning. It’s no mean feat to make yourself attractive with no time to spare, using only the basic instruments you have at hand. A woman’s inventive talent can achieve perfect results against all odds!

Bright Side has put together a collection of tips and tricks for every occasion. They’ll help you out of difficult situations and allow you to always look and feel your best!

1. How to stop bra straps from peering out beneath your tank top

Attach sew-on snap tabs under each shoulder. This will help to keep bra straps in place and prevent them from slipping.

2. How to get rid of nail varnish when you’re out of remover liquid

Cover your nails with an additional layer of transparent varnish, then rub it off before it dries. The old layer of varnish will come off along with the new one.

3. How to deal with small creases on your clothing

The quickest way to get rid of wrinkles in the areas between the buttons and on the collar of your top is to iron them with a hair straightener.

4. How to fix frayed shoelace ends

Frayed shoelace ends look untidy. You can easily get them into shape by applying some transparent nail varnish.

5. How to quickly remove static from your clothes

In order to get rid of unpleasant static electricity, rub the underside of your clothes with an anti-static napkin.

6. How to rid your shoes of unpleasant odors

To defeat that exasperating smell, put small sacks of baking soda into your shoes and leave them overnight. The soda will absorb excess liquid, and the odor problem will disappear in no time at all!

7. How to stop a run in your tights

To temporarily prevent a run or a hole in your nylon tights from getting larger, spray the area with hair spray or coat it with a layer of invisible nail varnish.

8. How to make your clothes and laundry smell nice

Try putting pieces of aromatic soap into your wardrobe drawers. We especially recommend keeping bars of fragrant soap with your linen — you’ll feel the difference every time you go to bed!

9. How to put on a bracelet the easy way

Want to know a problem-free way of putting a bracelet on by yourself? Just use sticky tape to stick one end of the bracelet to your wrist!

10. How to wear bras with backless dresses

This problem can be easily solved by sewing bra cups directly into the dress!

11. How to make your chest look fuller

It’s so easy — just put on a strapless bra!

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