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12 Awesome Transformations of Ordinary Items That Will Simplify Your Life

We all have things in our house that lie idle for years. And yet we still hesitate to throw them away.

Today Bright Side offers you some ingenious ideas on how to give such items a second life!

Fridge magnet cups

A wonderful solution that’ll save you the necessity of having to walk across the kitchen every time you want to get a mug or a glass. Also, your kids won’t have to call you every time they can’t reach the cups in the high cupboard.

Vibrantly painted bottle vases

Such vases are sure to become a perfect decoration for your home. They are incredibly easy to make: you just need some clear glass bottles and paints.

A perfect way to hide your keys

No one wants to be locked out of their own home. But hiding a spare front door key under the welcome mat just won’t do — this old trick is too well known. Here is a fresh and inspired idea for keeping your keys in plain sight yet safely concealed from prying eyes!

Comfortable DIY floor mattress

If you have old pillows that nobody uses anymore, here is a clever option for turning them into a stylish addition to your house once again. Such floor mattresses can appeal to children and adults alike since you can make them in absolutely any size.

Rolling bathroom storage cabinet

You won’t need special skills or expensive materials to make this cabinet. It will provide plenty of additional storage space in your bathroom.

Wine bottle candles

These unusual candles will add a romantic atmosphere to your summer evenings. As an additional benefit, such "torches"’ will serve to scare away mosquitoes. Just remember not to leave them unattended!

Wood block calendar

perpetual calendar that never ends, made out of old play cubes. A great idea for those who don’t like conventional calendars.

Pallet table

This eye-catching table can be made using 4 pallets. It looks very unusual and is certain to perfectly complement your house’s interior.

A neat garden tool storage idea

A truly functional and convenient solution for storing various garden tools that gives a second life to all those leftover pieces of plastic tubing.

Rainbow paver hopscotch

Make your kids jump with joy with this wonderful portable hopscotch set! To make one, you’ll need some paving tiles and paints in different colors.

Turn boxes into baskets

To create such a basket, you will need a box, a rope, some fabric, and glue. The end result will provide a great money-saving alternative to those containers sold in the shops.

Turn a tennis ball into a multipurpose holder

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