12 brilliantly useful items you can make out of old tires

Perhaps you’ve got some old, worn-out tires gathering dust in your garage. These things may be dirty, bulky, and heavy, but don’t rush to take them to the scrap heap. For even such unattractive items as these can be made into many different useful and beautiful things with the help of that one special ingredient we all have within ourselves: creativity.

If you’re not convinced, we here at Bright Side have put together a list of 12 such items you can make with your old tires.

A large tire makes for the perfect frame for a dog bed. A master class on how to make it can be found here. 

A comfy cushion is also an option. 

For this one, all you need is the inner tube of a tire.

A coffee table made from an old tire might not work for every living room, but in the right surroundings it can look stylish and striking.

Tires are also a great material for making outside furniture, such as these summer chairs.

If you have some smaller tires, you can make a whole new set of furniture for your porch.

Cover a tire in some fine hemp rope, as has been done here, and you can create an unusual but beautiful ottoman chair or table.

Tires can also find a home in any children's play area as a funny see-saw.

A bicycle tire can be used to make a beautiful frame for a mirror.

You can also try your hand at making an attractive wreath made from succulent plants and the frame of a tire.

Have you always wanted to make a hanging flower bed? Now you can!

If you’re the owner of a large tire from a truck, why not try putting it to good use as the foundation for a garden pond?

Preview photo credit grillo-designs.com
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