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12 Car Hacks We Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Every car owner has a standard set of items in their glove compartment and trunk: sunglasses, a soft tissue, a spare wheel and other things of that nature. But sometimes, especially during long trips, these items may not be helpful enough for what you need.

Here at Bright Side, we have prepared a list of unexpected things to keep in your car that can help you save a crazy amount of money and deal with unpleasant situations.


Toothpaste can help you remove the yellow plaque from your car’s lights better than anything else. To do this, put some toothpaste on the lights, rub it with a sponge and wash with water. If the lights are too dirty, do it 3-4 times.

Shaving cream

In order to prevent your windows from getting foggy in winter, just wash them with shaving cream. Here, you can see how it works.

A paperclip

A regular paperclip can be used as a phone holder. It doesn’t look very beautiful but if you need to use a GPS urgently and don’t have anything else to hold a phone with, this is a great solution.


Stickers on a windshield can be really hard to remove. Put a cloth soaked in hot water on the sticker from the opposite side of the windshield. When it cools down, the glue will dissolve and the sticker will be way easier to remove.

Nail polish

If you notice a crack on the windshield, you can easily paint over it with nail polish. It will prevent the crack from getting bigger so you will be able to get to your destination safely.

A plunger

If there is a small dent on the car, you can use a plunger to remove it. It really works! Just place it on the dent and pull it. Your car will be as good as new.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can be used to open a frozen lock. Just put some of it on the lock and wait several minutes. The solution will melt the ice and the door will be easy to open.


This doesn’t sound real, but according to some users’ comments, it really works. If you lose a belt while you are on the road hundreds of miles away from the nearest mechanic, you can use tights to get to the closest place where belts are sold.


If you put a drop of aroma oil on a clothespin and put it on the air vent, the car will carry your favorite smell.


If you didn’t get enough sleep but you really need to drive, bring a lemon with you. When you start feeling sleepy, put a slice of lemon under your tongue. The acid will wake you up and you will be able to continue your trip.

Hair balm

Special anti-rain products usually cost a fortune. They can be easily replaced with a regular hair balm. Put it on the car and then wash it off. Drops of water will slide off really fast.

Towing hooks

In case your car breaks down and needs to be towed, there is a small square-shaped thing on the back (some models have it on the front). It covers a hook that the manufacturers put on the car in case you need to transport it to a mechanic.

Bonus: what are the rubber extensions for?

You’ve probably wondered why older cars have strange-looking rubber extensions on the backs of them. When traveling a long distance, the contact between the car and the air causes the car to get loaded with a lot of static power. The rubber extensions make the electricity go into the ground without affecting the driver.

Do you have your own useful car tips? Share them in the comment section below.

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