12 easy handmade candle ideas

Making your home cozy and beautiful does not have to cost too much. By using your own imagination you can create wonderful and unique candles, and the Bright Side's review will help you to understand the process in detail.


It's easy to make such a fun and colorful candle. All you need is a jar, a wick, wax, and colorful sprinkles. The details are here.


If you like fragrant herbs, you simply must try this. Add some lavender, as shown here, and enjoy a wonderful scented candle.


Old plastic toys can be a great decoration for our house if we apply imagination. See how it's done here.


Now the shells you gathered from the beach won't be collecting dust in a drawer - they'll become a great design element! See the details here.

Different shapes

Lovers of unusual geometrical shapes will adore this wonderful idea. Wanna see the drawings and tips? Click here.

Simple and elegant

It'll take you several minutes to create this original present. Just take a look at how lovely it is.


Those who love subdued pastel colors will like these candles. Here you'll find some tips on how to make them quickly and cheaply.


If you know people who cannot imagine their lives without a cup of coffee, present them with coffee candles.


These sparkling candles will decorate both a children's party and a romantic evening.


A beautiful idea for St. Valentine's Day, or just to please your beloved without any reason.


Both children and adults will like these colorful candles. They're really easy to make.

Tea time

With these teacups you can have an Alice in Wonderland evening. See here how you can turn a cup into a masterpiece.

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