12 Fashion Trends Designers Recommend Leaving in 2017, Along With New Styles to Replace Them

They say that fashion goes in cycles, but trends come and go so quickly that some of them become outdated after a very short period of time. The world of fashion creates completely new rules every year.

Bright Side decided to find out what the top designers in the world showed at their latest fashion shows and what might interest us in the shops in 2018. We don't insist on following these rules obediently but share the opinion of the people who set trends for the year ahead.

T-shirts with funny prints vs. T-shirts with meaningful prints

2018 is defining an interesting trend: now you can speak out with the help of your T-shirt. We know that today anyone can buy a T-shirt with a print, but things are getting more serious. No more frivolous phrases. What you wear should express your thoughts and your worldview, even if they're provocative.

Fashion houses like Dior, Haider Ackermann, Prabal Gurung, Ashish, and many others have already shown life-affirming slogans and mottos in their spring 2018 collections.

Instagram style vs. suits

Designer Louis Verdad dresses the most stylish Hollywood celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Madonna, Milla Jovovich, and Eva Longoria. In his opinion, the tendency to dress like the reality show star Kim Kardashian will go out of style in 2018.

Ripped jeans, leggings, corset belts, and skin-tight dresses will very soon belong to the past. They'll be substituted by classic clothes that can have a high dosage of sexuality and attractiveness without being too vulgar.

Dior, Lanvin, and Dolce & Gabbana have embraced this idea and showed different types of tailored suits in their new collections. The designers suggest wearing a complete 3-piece suit as well as combining parts of it with casual clothes.

Faux fur details vs. textile accessories

The fashion columnist and stylist Amanda Brooke believes that in 2018 we'll say goodbye to all the faux fur details and accessories, including pom-poms, the famous Gucci leather slippers, and other fur items.

Fluffy items will be replaced by handkerchiefs. Gucci, Antonio Marras, MSMG, and Moschino suggest wearing them as our grandmothers did – with a knot under your chin. Headbands and head wraps will return to fashion again as will long evening gloves, ties, and bow ties.

Uncomfortable shoes vs. comfortable shoes

Luxury shoe designer Joan Oloff chooses to wear shoes that look stylish and fit perfectly: they should be comfortable and not squeeze the toes. She thinks that the whole fashion industry is heading toward creating the feeling of comfort, and uncomfortable shoes will soon sink into oblivion.

The designer believes that in spring 2018 you won't have to choose between beauty and comfort. Fashion houses like Prada and Alexander McQueen prove her point in their new collections.

Chokers vs. massive jewelry

In 2018, layered chokers and necklaces will be replaced by massive pendants, rings, and bracelets. If you're not ready to draw people's attention this way, then you'll love another new trend: pearls. Fashion designers invite you to wear not only pearl necklaces, earrings, and rings but also belts, purses, headbands, and even shoes covered with pearls.

Golden chains and chain belts will also be returning to fashion. Chain belts were presented in several fashion collections by Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Vetements.

Boho chic vs. cowboy style

It looks like designers have already learned the hippie style inside and out, and their love for boho chic will end at the beginning of 2018. It will be succeeded by the cowboy style, and here's where their imagination will run wild. Donatella Versace and Diane von Fürstenberg have created a lot of cowboy-themed variations of clothes in their 2018 collections.

Bare shoulder vs. '80s trends

Stylist Ali Levine is sure that 2017 is the last year when women will wear dresses with bare shoulders. Cleavage won't disappear, of course, and it will be more common to see dresses with open backs and sides. If you think a cut is too revealing, you can always put on a jacket. By the way, the jacket trend will come back from the '80s. Retro changes will also affect blazers, sweaters, tops, dresses, and almost all outerwear.

Bright colors vs. white

In 2017, bright colors like yellow, blue, emerald, and red-brown were the trendiest. In 2018, they'll be replaced by one color: white. If you're not ready to go for a totally white look, you can at least acquire some white accessories (including shoes). Yes, it's impractical but very beautiful.

Ethnic patterns vs. shine

2017 was marked by the popularity of ethnic patterns in fashion. Designers decided to change direction and add a lot of shine. In 2018, you can and should shine. Gemstones, glitter, rhinestones, and everything that shines and sparkles should be everywhere – from top to bottom. Marina Larroude, Barneys New York fashion director, agrees with designers and encourages women not to be shy about their looks.

Symmetry vs. messy hair

You can forget about perfect hair in 2018. Messy hair, balayage highlights, and symmetry-free locks will make your hairdo stylish and light.

Perfect eyebrows vs. natural eyebrows

Lately, eyebrow style has undergone a lot of transformations. Next year will bring more changes. No, pencil-thin line eyebrows aren't coming back, but perfectly shaped ones are becoming a bit tacky. You won't have to make a perfect contour and darken them anymore. For a more natural look, change your usual eyebrow pencil to one of a lighter color, and shape your eyebrows with short strokes.

Neat makeup vs. casual makeup

2018 will give all women a chance to relax their beauty routine: messy hair, natural-looking eyebrows, and casual makeup. Yes, it's a trend now. Carefree and breezy looks are trending now. Neat contouring of the lips doesn't look stylish anymore, and blurry "just-kissed lips" are at the height of popularity. Minimalism is becoming cool too, so no more applying several layers of different eye shadow. 2 shades are the stylish limit.

Are you ready to face all these fashion trends in 2018? Which ones do you like the most? Share your opinion about the changes in the world of fashion in the comments.

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