12 Genius Hacks Every Lazy Parent Can’t Live Without

We at Bright Side collected some tricks to make parents' lives a bit easier and let them have some spare time. We checked these secrets by inviting a family we know to our office, and everyone was happy with the test.

12. A travel drawing kit out of an old DVD box

  • Put a stack of paper sheets into the left part of the box. For the right part, make a pocket for felt-tip pens out of a piece of cardboard with a half-sheet of thick paper attached to it. Then glue it all to the box. Your travel kit is ready.

11. Mess-free glue

  • To avoid glue stains everywhere, put a sponge into a container, and squeeze some glue onto it. Now your kid will be able to glue things together by gently touching them to the sponge. Close the lid tightly afterward, and the glue will serve you for several days.

10. Liquid soap limiter

  • A standard dose of soap is too much for a child's hand, so put a rubber band onto the dispenser to limit the amount of soap pumped out.

9. Dry bath toys

  • Squeaking rubber toys fill up with water, and there are some unpleasant ramifications of that: puddles on the floor or mold inside the toys. To avoid this, simply cover the hole with a glue gun, and repeat as needed.

8. A device to carefully fold clothes

  • This simple device made from a cardboard box and some Scotch tape will make your kid love folding clothes. Making it won't take more than 10 minutes. A video guide is here to help you.

7. Taking tic-tac-toe to a new level

  • Gather some pretty stones from a beach, and draw X's and O's on them. You can play right on the sand or on a lined piece of paper.
  • If you gather some light and dark stones, you can play checkers too. Make a child-friendly field with fewer squares.

6. Monster repellent for calm nights

  • A cute "monster spray" made with a spray bottle with stickers will help overcome the fear of darkness and monsters lurking in it. Just spray some water around the room with it before sleep.

5. A game of rings

  • For this you'll need paper plates, a paper tube, adhesive tape, scissors, and paints. Tape the tube to one of the plates, and cut out the centers from the rest of them, coloring them as well.

4. A healthy snack in the style of Alice in Wonderland

  • Children are always busy, and they often want something to snack on between meals. Best prepare a container with healthy food in advance for that occasion. We filled it with fruit and carrots, but you can add some nuts, unsweetened cookies, dried fruit, or boiled eggs.

3. Safe doors

  • Little kids often shut doors and can't open them again without your help. Or, even worse, they trap their fingers. To avoid this, put a piece of pipe insulation on the doors.

2. An edible construction set

  • Carrots, apples, cucumbers – anything healthy may become "spare parts." Cut the fruit and veggies into different shaped pieces, and dispense some toothpicks. The end result will be eaten with pleasure, rest assured. Be careful with the toothpicks, though, and supervise the process.

1. A game for the child with some rest for the parent

  • Want to have your offspring busy while getting a massage yourself? Draw a "town" on the back of an unused light T-shirt, complete with roads, stores, etc. Put it on, and lie down on the bed. 15-20 minutes of rest are guaranteed while your kid plays with Lego figures or toy cars on your back.

What other parenting life hacks do you know? Share in the comments!

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko for Bright Side
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