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12 Household Tricks That Can Save You Tons of Time and Energy

Small inconsistencies in everyday life take away a lot of time that can be better spent on more pleasant pursuits. That's why it's important to know some everyday time-saving tricks like how to use a scoop to make mopping easier, or alternative ways to use a blow dryer or an old electric brush.

Bright Side has gathered 12 domestic life hacks that'll allow you to spend more time with your family, on hobbies, and on yourself.

12. Remove labels with a blow dryer.

Some importunate labels don't separate well from cans despite your best efforts. Next time, try to dry the label or price tag with a hairdryer. This should help.

11. Thread a needle with your palm.

We bet you've been doing this wrong your whole life. Place the thread in your palm so that it lies flat. Don't pull it. Now, take the needle in your hand, turn it so that the bottom half of it faces the thread. Bring the needle along the thread and straighten it. No more getting cross-eyed!

10. Use foil to preserve bananas.

More days for precious bananas! The shelf life of this fruit will increase if you cover them with foil as shown in the image.

9. Latex and glue make a sofa as good as new.

Is your sofa covered in cat or dog hair? We know the best way to get rid of it. Simply apply 1-2 drops of glue on latex gloves and move your hand across the sofa. Voila!

8. Clean tiles with electric toothbrushes.

You probably have an old electric toothbrush lying around. Put it to use again! It's very convenient to clean hard-to-reach seams between tiles.

7. Use vinegar on your shower head.

To clean the rust off your shower head, wrap it in a bag of vinegar and leave it overnight. By morning, the rust will be completely gone.

6. Use shoe storage for cleaning supplies.

We keep cleaning products everywhere: under the sink, in a special closet, near the washing machine, etc. But our storage problems are finally solved! Use a hanging shoe shelf to easily store all of your cleaning supplies.

5. Springs protect chargers.

All of us need to buy new chargers from time to time. It's so wasteful and annoying, isn't it? To protect your chargers from unwanted twisting and breakage, use a spring from an old pen.

4. Put LEGOs in liquid soap.

Do your kids never wash their hands? Make it more interesting by adding a little fun to your bottle of liquid soap. You can pop in some LEGOs or other small toys that your kids have in their play chest. Enjoy!

3. Put a glass of water in the microwave.

There's nothing better than enjoying the divine taste of yesterday's pizza. But when you heat up the leftovers in the microwave, it dries out and becomes hard and stale. Next time, try putting in a glass of water alongside the pizza or pie you're heating up. You can thank us later.

2. Use a brush in your drill.

Attach a brush to your drill and cleaning will become more effective and time efficient. Brilliant idea!

1. A scoop for the sink

Pouring water into a bucket is always a challenge, isn't it? Especially if you pour it from a sink's faucet. Try placing the scoop under the faucet, as shown in the picture. Hooray! No more mess caused by spilled water.

Which tip did you like the most? Maybe you have your own life hacks? Share them with us in the comments!

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