12 Indispensable Vacation Items You Should Never Forget to Take

Packing for a holiday trip is a serious thing: forget something important, and the whole vacation is spoiled.

Bright Side compiled a list of not-so-obvious things you would definitely want with you on a trip.

Socks in your hand luggage

We recommend taking a pair of socks or light and soft flats onboard the plane. Now you'll be able to take off your shoes, relax, and let your feet rest.

A battery phone cover

Your smartphone will probably be multitasking all the time while on vacation, playing the roles of a camera, a computer, and a navigator which will discharge it faster than usual.

Therefore, it's a good idea to take a booster battery or a phone cover with an inserted battery.


In warm countries, hotels usually don't provide warm blankets, and nights there could still be quite cool.

To save yourself from discomfort, take warm pajamas with you. You'll be able to sleep well even under a thin cover.

Foundation cream that's a tone darker

Ladies who can't go without makeup should remember that their favorite foundation may look too light on tanned skin.

To avoid the mask effect, take a foundation of a darker tone with you.

An adaptor

You may find that the sockets in your hotel aren't compatible with your appliances, and even charging your phone may become a problem.

Find out in advance what type of sockets they use in the country of your destination, and take a special adaptor with you.

Clothes covering the whole body

Long-sleeved clothing may seem unnecessary in warm countries, but that's a common misconception. Light shirts, skirts, and pants will ensure you won't get sunburned.

A raincoat

Unfortunately, there may be unexpected rainy days on your trip. In order not to sit in the hotel all day long, take a light raincoat that won't take up much space.


Many travelers note that a change of diet and dehydration often result in bad breath, so take some mints with you too.

Antiseptic gel or antibacterial tissues

Unfamiliar food and acclimatization can weaken your body and increase the risk of bowel infections. Drink only bottled water, eat in places you're sure of, and regularly clean your hands with antiseptic gel or antibacterial wet wipes.

A notebook and a pen

Seasoned travelers take writing accessories with them: sometimes you need to fill in documents (such as an arrival card), and it helps if you have your own pen. Or, if you don't speak the language of the country you're in, you can explain yourself with pictures.


Ziploc bags will protect your food and gadgets from sand and moisture. They're also more elastic and durable than ordinary cellophane bags, and you can use them more than once.

Empty space

We usually bring home souvenirs and other purchases from our travels, so be ready and prepare some space for them. Take a compact cloth bag to hold the stuff that won't fit in your suitcase.

Have a good trip!

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