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12 Inventive Ways to Make Your Stuff Last Longer

When your things last longer, it not only saves your money but also your nerves. We often get rid of spoiled products without even realizing that we can help them stay fresh longer. For example, a small piece of plastic will help you store your bananas.

We at Bright Side suggest that you try these 12 amazing life hacks that we use ourselves.

1. Clothing

To save your clothes and make them last longer, just skip the dryer. High temperatures ruin them. Instead, let the clothes air dry and be especially careful with silk, wool, and cotton.

2. Banana life hack

Many people like bananas, but sometimes they get spoiled too fast if you buy a bunch of them at the same time. To make bananas stay fresh longer, wrap the tops in plastic and don’t separate them!

3. Sponge hack

If you are tired of constantly changing sponges, just cut them in half. Now you have twice as many sponges and will end up saving money!

4. Freeze your tights

All women know how fragile tights can be. There is a very simple solution to save them from being ruined. After you buy new tights, put them under water, gently squeeze, and freeze them overnight in a plastic bag. Take them out of your freezer the next morning. Then, let them air dry.

5. Cleaning your curling iron

This method is very useful for those who use their curling iron and hairspray. Apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol or a mix of baking soda and water to a cotton pad. Clean the surface of the unplugged iron and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

6. Rules for nonstick pans

It is very convenient to use nonstick pans. In order to make them last longer, you should remember some rules. Don’t use any metal utensils because they leave scratches. Avoid high-temperature differences and don’t put the hot pan under cold water. Don’t store food in your pans after cooking. Clean the nonstick pan with a soft sponge.

7. Keep your bread fresh.

To keep your bread fresh, put it in a bin with a stalk of celery and close it well. Leave it for the night. The next day you will see that the celery became dry. The bread will absorb all the moisture and that’s what helps store it longer.

8. Butter trick for your cheese

Add a small slice of butter to the side of the cheese after cutting. This will keep it fresh and prevent the edges from getting dry.

9. Keep your salad leaves fresh.

It is a very easy trick. Just wrap your salad with paper instead of plastic. It will prevent the salad from going bad because of the lack of air.

10. Apple cider vinegar for laundry

Saving the color of your favorite clothes is easy with apple cider vinegar. It is a natural product that can help you not ruin delicate clothing items. Of course, the natural structure of apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits in comparison with products that are full of chemicals. Add 1/4 of a cup of vinegar to your laundry. It will help not just save the color, but to soften the clothes and reduce the amount of lint and pet hair.

11. You shouldn’t keep these in the fridge:

Those products need to be kept at room temperature: olive oil, potatoes, bananas, melon, and watermelon, chocolate, tea and coffee, onion, and garlic.

12. Vodka and sugar to keep flowers alive longer.

As strange as it may sound, vodka helps kill the bacteria contained in water that can damage flowers. Just add a tsp of sugar and a few drops of vodka in a vase with water and enjoy the beauty of your flowers.

Have you ever heard of these tricks? If you liked our advice or have already used them before, share your experience in the comments section below!

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