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12 Items From Your Wardrobe Designers Advise You to Ditch to Look 10 Years Younger

As with our makeup, our clothing style should reflect our age, and it should change as we get older. That favorite blouse — which looked great on you when you were 18 — can now harm your image by adding years to your appearance and making you look bulkier.

We at Bright Side sought expert opinion on the subject, and we are happy to present a list of items you should banish from your wardrobe altogether...or at least wear as little as possible.

1. Fishnet tights

Patterned tights are only suitable for fashion shows or stylish photo shoots. In everyday life, they not only look highly provocative but can also age you by 20 years.

  • You should give preference to thick monochrome tights without patterns or decorations. Such items will make you look elegant and sophisticated.

2. Bat sleeve blouses

Blouses with wing-type sleeves are tricky to wear since they only look good on girls with slim builds. If your figure is of a different type, it’s best to abandon such garments. The wide segments under the arms tend to visually merge with the body, turning your torso into one large "blob" and making you look bulky.

  • We advise you to choose blouses without overlaps or wide sleeves and to always wear the correct size.

3. "Potato sack" clothes

"Baggy clothing upsets the delicate balance — it hides your silhouette and makes you look seriously older," says Orly Schwartz, a stylist/consultant from Zahavi & Schwartz. Items that resemble a potato sack fail to highlight the contours of your body and make you look excessively bulky.

  • Get rid of old stretched knitted dresses and other shapeless clothes. Try wearing a sheath dress instead. Such dresses look stylish and elegant. Alternatively, choose a cropped jacket to accentuate your waist better.

4. Clothes made from textured/exotic fabrics

Wearing a blouse made from thick chainmail-textured material together with pants made of light transparent fabric is a really bad idea. Generally speaking, combining exotic styles of clothing is always difficult. And, needless to say, you can’t wear such items on a daily basis.

  • You’d be better off choosing conventional (yet high-quality) materials that won’t distort your figure.

5. Rhinestones, prints, and other decorations

Things like translucent materials or hearts and rhinestones on clothes are bound to make you look older. This doesn’t mean that you should abandon decorations per se. Simply make sure they match your clothing style.

That said, fashion expert Ali Levine is of the opinion that style-conscious people should avoid clothes with decorations completely. She argues that such items not only age the wearer but also look tacky.

6. Cute prints and slogans

"You ought to stop spending money on T-shirts with bright prints, cheerful slogans, or spring bouquet-styled patterns. Keep as far away from short-lived fashion fads as possible," advises Alana Kelen, a celebrity stylist from New York.

  • Instead, try choosing things that won’t go out of fashion in a couple of months. Go for monochrome T-shirts with necklines and minimalistic design. Make sure the items fit you properly. Stick to classic, sophisticated elements that will stand the test of time.

7. Earth-toned clothes

Gray-green, olive, dark yellow, pistachio, and brown clothes don’t suit everyone. Most often, they accentuate wrinkles and give your face an unhealthy appearance.

  • We advise you to replace monochrome, earth-colored clothes with flesh or coffee colors.

8. Clothes reminiscent of sofa upholstery and curtain material

Janice Hurley, an image consultant, finds that people have difficulty abandoning past trends. As for Diane Pollack, a fashion expert from New York, she believes that wearing things "from another era" is a real crime against style since they make the wearer look considerably older.

Remember that it’s very difficult to wear tweed coats and suits with floral prints without causing damage to your overall appearance and making yourself look antiquated.

  • What you should do is opt for simple, classic items without prints or decorations — pieces that won’t lose relevance over time.

9. Extra-warm voluminous hats

You don’t have to choose between beauty and comfort. It’s quite possible to enjoy both. Just be sure to avoid massive hats with clear outlines and decorations (such as flowers or rhinestones).

  • Replace such headdresses with pom-pom hats, shapeless knitted hats, or a warm hood. And you should forget about sparkles and other cute stuff.

10. Necklaces with pearls or massive stones

“Pearls are a classic that many of us wear wrong,“ says Leon Rbibo, president of The Pearl Source, LA. ”You shouldn’t go for massive stuff. Look at the stars like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, or Kim Kardashian — they only wear necklaces with small pearls."

A pearl necklace with lots of elements and overlapping threads, which you inherited from your grandma, is bound to look bad on you. Especially if you wear it with denim jackets or jumpsuits. The same can be said for necklaces with frighteningly large rocks: they distort your figure and make you look old.

  • We advise you to select a necklace with small beads or a pearl pendant.

11. Incorrect choice of business suit

Anita Kealey, a stylist and designer from Custom Tailor & Designers Association, says, "Trying to conceal your thighs, arms, and stomach beneath a shapeless, dark-toned jacket is a big mistake. This makes you look aged and unattractive."

  • You should choose figure-enhancing items that don’t distort the proportions of your body. Remember that monochrome suits are no longer in fashion. To avoid appearing older, combine dark skirts with light jackets or vice versa.

12. Clothes with numerous decorations

Items with lots of straps, buttons, pockets, or all of those elements at once, used to be trendy 30 years ago. These days, such clothes are certain to add just as many years to your appearance.

  • Replace these garments with a loose shirt for an attractive and sexy result!

What are the items that you would avoid? Share in the comments!

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