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12 Online Shopping Hacks That Can Save Your Money

Shopping online is almost everyone’s guilty pleasure. However, a lot of times we end up buying stuff that we either do not need or wasn’t the right price. With plenty of options to browse through, it can be exhausting to find what you wanted without burning a hole in your pocket! However, before you buy anything new online, it’s time we introduce you to some cool tips to ace your online shopping regime.

Bright Side has come up with these amazing tried and true online shopping hacks that will make sure you get the best of the sale and don’t stress while checking that shopping cart!

1. The best time to buy online is between Tuesday and Thursday.

The best way to catch up on really good deals is to know when and where to shop. Studies show that from Tuesday to Thursday is the best time to shop, while Sundays are a complete no-no.

Also, November is the month of massive sales followed by post-Christmas sales in January. Smaller and newer brands are more likely to put better offers on their products than bigger brands, hence, it’s completely okay to trust their debut in the market.

2. Credit cards are safer than debit cards.

Contrary to popular belief, credit cards are safer than debit cards for online shopping. A merchant usually refunds via the payment method you used. In case of a delay in delivery or if the product is different than what you ordered, credit cards are refunded faster than debit cards.

Make sure that the website you are transacting on is a secured one and keep a screenshot of your order invoice just in case your bank needs proof.

3. Use the live chat option to ask for discounts.

The live chat option is rarely our priority while we wander through a website. However, you can use it to flex your bargaining skills and these chatbots might have something for you! It’s okay to start a conversation unapologetically and ask for some exciting offers on your favorite stuff or mix and match options that were actually not present on the site.

This guy got himself a huge discount, thanks to his wit and haggling skills on live chat.

4. Stalk the brands you might want to shop from.

Make sure you follow your favorite brands on social media to stay updated on their discounts and offers.

However, just to make sure you are following the right account and not falling for any “click bait” traps, don’t forget to be sure you follow only “verified” accounts.

5. Follow influencers and bloggers for codes and discounts.

Influencers and bloggers play a huge part in bringing customers to brands. Not only do they come up with honest reviews about products, but they also come up with discount coupons and codes, that you wouldn’t usually find on websites. Also, keep an eye on their contests for amazing vouchers and giveaways.

6. Always take a look at the model stats in the product description.

Online shopping can be pretty impulsive. To make sure you get what’s best for you, take a look at the model stats and the size they’re wearing. This will give you a pretty good idea if it’s the right fit for you. Also, take a look at the size guides and online fit assistants, a feature incorporated by most of the clothing websites to help you find the right size.

7. Leave the products you’re unsure about in your cart for a while.

If you are not sure about certain products and might want to think over them, let them hang out in your cart for a while, keeping the transaction incomplete. Sometimes, brands will come back to you via an email with a personalized discount. However, for this trick to find you in time, you must be registered with the brand via an active email account.

8. Register on websites for first time purchase coupons.

Whenever you are visiting a site for the first time and are almost ready to buy something, look for their special offers for new customers. Websites usually have discount codes for first time purchases. All you need to do is subscribe to their newsletter or register.

You can always unsubscribe them or filter out their emails.

9. Use Amazon filler items to get free deliveries.

Shipping fees are the biggest turn offs while shopping online. However, Amazon has got your back. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, Amazon’s filler item finder allows you to fill your cart with items at super low prices to make sure you reach your minimum $35 mark for free delivery. Just put in the amount you need to reach the free delivery mark and the filler option will make a list of all your choices.

10. Shop your list through one-stop and aggregate shopping sites.

The ultimate key to shopping is patience. Make a shopping list of all the items you are planning to buy and look them up on aggregate shopping sites like ShopStyle. This is right place for you to find stuff in a particular size and color. Also, there can be sites that might have an extra discount for a particular item. And don’t forget to check for similar stuff on Amazon.

In the case of a huge haul, don’t forget to shop at one-stop shopping sites like Asos and Nordstorm that sell stuff from multiple brands.

11. Take a quick look at the reviews and comments below the product description.

Online shopping can be a little risky, especially when you’re purchasing electronics or trusting a brand new website. There is a quick way to learn about the product and its actual size by browsing quickly through community reviews and comments below the product description. Websites like and also allow customers to post actual pictures of the product to give you an idea of what to expect.

Also, give back to the online world by reviewing stuff that you really liked and help others who might be in a similar “to buy or not to buy” situation.

12. Use the “Honey” plugin to get the best discount vouchers for a website.

Using the Honey plugin while shopping online can mean huge savings. This amazing app finds out the best discount coupons for a given item and automatically applies it to your cart before you check out.

Is there a shopping hack that got you something at a super low price? Help us out before we begin shopping for the new year!

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