12 Photo Tricks to Make You Look Like You’re on the Red Carpet

We always want to look confident and beautiful in photos, but because of the wrong pose or angle, a potentially great shot often goes to waste.

To give you some tips on how you can always look gorgeous in photos, Bright Side has prepared 12 simple poses that will set you up for success, as well as bring out the contours of your body and hide any insecurities.

№ 1

This is one of the easiest and most flattering poses! Put both hands on your hips, one a little lower than the other. This pose creates space between your arms and your torso, making your waist and arms look thinner.

№ 2

This pose is very similar to the first one, but this time just let one of your arms hang by your side. As shown by the model, face your body toward the camera and lean a little bit in the direction of your free arm.

№ 3

If you have a fence, rails, or a table near you, you can simply lean back on your arms on any of these. Make sure your shoulders aren't too raised – this can make your neck disappear!

№ 4

You don't always need to do something specific with your arms. It's totally okay to leave them in a candid, relaxed position. The same goes for your legs. Only one tip, though: it's always better to shift your weight to one side.

№ 5

You can also lean on your elbows. In this case, it's better to take the photo from the side. This pose will emphasize the contours of your body and highlight your arms. This works for photos taken both outside and indoors.

№ 6

Oftentimes, the simple poses are the most successful ones. Shift your weight to one side while bending your torso a little bit. Your silhouette will be in the shape of the letter S.

№ 7

This is the perfect pose for a portrait shot. Bend your arms at the elbows, and put them on a slightly elevated surface while leaning your head a little to the side.

№ 8

Any lines in photos will bring the viewers' attention to the most important part – you! As shown by the model, lean slightly on a branch (or any other linear object), but don't shift your full weight onto its surface. This pose is also perfect for a portrait shot.

№ 9

If you don't know what to do with your arms, don't worry! Simply put them behind your back or into your front pockets. This is a unique but very simple pose. Most importantly, make sure that the hands in your pockets are free.

№ 10

This is the most simple pose for a portrait shot! A photo taken from this angle is very flattering and will make you look thinner. Angle yourself a little bit toward the camera, straighten your back, and raise your chin.

№ 11

This is another pose that works well for a portrait shot. Bring your hands to the wall, and lean slightly on it. This way, your hands will still be in the shot, but all the attention will be brought to your face.

№ 12

It is commonly believed that crossing your arms and legs is the type of body language that signifies a hostile barrier between you and other people. However, it's worth trying this trick in photos. This pose will straighten your shoulders and lengthen your neck. More importantly, it will make you look super confident!

Photographer: Roman Zaharchenko, Model: Olga Zaharchenko for Bright Side
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