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12 Simple Photo Hacks That Can Turn Your Shot Into a Real Masterpiece

Do you like to take photos and strike a pose for them but are not sure if you do it right? In this article, we gathered several simple rules that will help you learn to take photos like a pro. You’ll just need a bit of dexterity, patience, and a phone camera.

Bright Side assures you that after reading this short guide your photos will become real masterpieces worthy of a place on your wall.

1. Pay attention to the background.

Sometimes even a good photo can be spoiled by a weird pole “growing” right out of the top of your head. These little details are rarely noticed at first glance but they ruin the whole photo once you see them. You can find an appropriate background in the most unexpected places. For example, it can be the side of the building with a textured wall or a service entrance that looks pretty cool at close range. Keep looking for interesting materials and textures in the unlikeliest of places and then be ready to fight off numerous questions like “Where did you find such an awesome background?!”

2. Be careful with close-ups.

The thing is, close-up shots change the geometry of the photo and they have a tendency to distort your face too. A hamster-like face isn’t something you want for a good photo. Place a camera a bit further away and you’ll see that you can take a much better shot.

3. Experiment with the camera angles.

Let’s compare the photos above. We have a pretty merry-go-round and an even prettier model. How do we combine them in one photo? You can just stand next to the carousel and take an ordinary photo or you can take a selfie using an unusual camera angle. With this interesting angle, you’ll have a cute and playful photo. We’re also able to see the merry-go-round’s round top and the swings, and the photo has become really lively by just changing the angle. Don’t be afraid to experiment when it’s appropriate.

4. Don’t place an object in the center of a photo.

If you take a photo of a single object, don’t place it in the center of your shot. Remember the rule of thirds, which says that the point of interest must lie at the intersection of the lines dividing the frame into thirds horizontally and vertically.

5. Beauty is all around you.

We do not live by selfies and architecture alone. Interesting objects are literally all around you. Sometimes a random photo can become a real gem. Don’t try to squeeze every little detail into your photo. Explore the world with curiosity and you’ll see a lot of simple things that deserve to be noticed.

6. Learn how to catch the “good light.”

Good lighting is the key component of a good photo. The difference between these photos is just one step, but the result is already noticeable. The model managed to catch the soft light in the photo on the right. The background faded and hid the unnecessary details. Move your camera a bit and try to find the proper good light. Be mindful that the source of light should be in front of you not behind you, otherwise you’ll just be taking a photo of a silhouette.

7. But don’t go overboard with the light.

Light that is too bright can backfire in the most unpleasant way. Taking photos during bright daylight isn’t that easy even for experienced photographers — most likely you’ll end up with your eyes half shut or squinty. That’s why it’s better to avoid taking photos during periods of high solar activity. Look for the beautiful natural light during the morning hours and at dusk.

8. Things can go wrong with HDR.

HDR was once really popular on Instagram, and still, some photo retouching apps offer the use of filters with an HDR effect. However, the popularity of the HDR photos is long gone but the unnatural quality of these shots has remained. Stay away from HDR if you want your photos to look natural and nice.

9. Wait for the best moment to take a photo.

You might have to be really patient to take an elegant photo and it’s much easier to wait for a good moment to take the photo than to remove people using photoshop afterward. Demonstrate a little patience and you’ll be rewarded with a great photo!

10. Find and use the right selfie angle.

Many photographers believe that every person has their own “best” side of their face that should exclusively be used for taking pictures and striking a pose. This belief is partially true but aren’t you afraid to flood your account with lots of similar photos? It’s better to get creative and find new and unusual angles that will make you look great.

For example, you can lay on your back and take a picture from above. But, the same trick with the camera looking from bottom up rarely works.

11. Don’t be afraid to get dirty for a good photo.

Do you want to take a macro photo and fit a whole building in it? Don’t be afraid to get on your knees, lay on the grass, or get into a crooked pose. First, do you really care what others might think about you? Second, a good photo is worth the effort.

12. Every photo has its own perfect angle.

Taking a good full-length portrait isn’t as easy as working your best side for a selfie. If you plan to take this type of photo, make sure the photographer lowers the camera a bit so that you’ll look much taller. It’s worth mentioning here that this trick works better with slim models.

It’s a whole other story with taking “sitting down” photos. If you take a picture from the side, you’ll end up looking “flat.” If you lower the camera too much, the photo gets distorted (plus the leg here is placed right in front of the camera which is not a good photo composition). The result will be much better if you take the photo from the top where the proportions are good and you can see the beautiful background.

Which trick would you use for your next photo? Do you know any useful tips for taking good photos? Share them with us in the comments.

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