12 Time-Saving Beauty Tricks Even Lazy Girls Will Want to Master

The average woman spends about 55 minutes on her appearance every day.

Bright Side thinks that's too much, and that is why we found some tricks that will save you time by very unexpected means. Moreover, most of these recommendations will save you money as well.

12. Make your manicure last longer.

Covering your nails with Shellac or gel is a great thing, but this kind of manicure grows out very quickly. Then you have to visit a manicure master once again. A glittery nail polish will help to postpone the visit for some time. All you need to do is apply it at the base of your nails.

11. Save a button from falling off your shirt.

If you are about to go out but you feel that one of the buttons on your shirt is going to fall off, apply some colorless nail polish on it (as shown in the photo). And here you can find other ways of using nail polish unconventionally.

10. Prolong the life of your liner.

This secret doesn't work with all liners, but there is a chance that it will work with yours. When the applicator stops giving clear lines, take it out and put it back in with the other end first. Now you have a new liner!

9. Fold your clothes for easier mornings.

Morning attempts to find items of clothing in a chest of drawers can irritate even a monk from Shaolin. Fold your clothes as shown in the photo, and you'll be able to see with one glance which items you have. There will also be no need to reorder your wardrobe so often.

8. Contour quickly.

If you think that contouring and highlighting are long and dreary activities, get yourself 2 concealers: lighter and darker than your skin tone. Draw two 3s on your face (as shown in the picture), and blend the lines completely. We found some great advice here.

7. Make a long belt fashionable.

A free tail end sometimes looks pretty long, so you have to decide what to do with it: either leave it hanging or find different solutions using elastics. However, there is a simple way out: tie the belt in a knot. It looks really cool. Here you can find some other cool ideas.

6. Create a fan brush.

Fan brushes are very convenient to clean up your makeup or dust powder very lightly. For those who are still wondering if they need this type of brush, bobby pins can help greatly. Please watch the details on this site.

5. Make your perfume last longer.

You will not have to carry a bottle of perfume with you all the time if you first apply something moisturizing onto your skin. Vaseline, for example, can be a great help. After applying it onto your skin, spray perfume over it, and dab it with your wrist.

Here you can see the other ways of using Vaseline.

4. Free your hands while drying your hair.

When you have a lack of time, simply standing and holding a hair dryer in your hands wastes precious minutes. Try to find a place where you can hang it and keep it in an upright position. Here you can find more secrets on how to save time.

3. Treat pimples quickly.

If you have an unexpected pimple, apply some clear eye drops onto it. They will narrow the capillaries, and the pimple will "deflate" right away.

Here you can read what else can help to treat those nasty pimples.

2. Speed up your shower.

Stop wasting your time regulating the water temperature in the shower! Find the best temperature for you, and mark it with a waterproof marker right on the tap (as is shown in the photo). Instead of markers, you could use stickers. Just join them up the next time you take a shower.

1. Do your makeup in NO time at all.

In this case, what you can do is fill in your brows. And that's it. This will help you look groomed, and it will also make you feel like you are, in fact, wearing makeup.

Here you can find instructions on how to do this nicely.

Preview photo credit Nikola Vee
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