12 Tips That Can Make Our Laundry Routine Much Easier

Scientists even pay attention to laundry day. First, they developed a formula that helped us predict the probability of losing a sock. Second, according to the polls, lots of people don't know how to use a washing machine, which buttons to push, and where to pour detergents which means that this process has turned out to be really complicated and requires a special approach.

Bright Side has collected some tricks that make our laundry routine more effective and our clothes fresh and clean. There's also a bonus in the end: a solution to the problem of missing socks.

12. Identification marks

If you have no time to deal with a spot immediately, we recommend that you mark it before you put an item into the laundry basket. So when you're going to wash your clothes, you won't miss the items with stains. For example, you can knot the sleeve of your shirt if it's dirty. You also can use clothespins to identify an item with stains.

11. Shampoo for ring around the collar

Shampoos and dishwashing liquids that remove grease also deal well with dirty collars. You need to apply the product directly on the stain and wait for 15 minutes. Then you can wash your clothes as usual.

10. Hair spray to remove ink stains

If you have an ink stain on your clothing, don't rub your shirt with a brush. Instead spray some hair spray on the stain, place a cloth or paper towel under the stain, and press down. This method works even with old spots and stains.

9. Hair conditioner can unshrink clothes.

To unshrink an item, add 1/4 cup of soft hair conditioner to warm water, and soak the piece of clothing for 20-30 minutes.

8. Color and dirt catchers

These catchers are simple washcloths, hand towels, or napkins saturated with a special liquid that will absorb dirt and dyes that seep into the water during washes. They prevent dyes from getting onto your other clothes. Start by adding some washing soda to water and mix. Then put a piece of fabric in the mixture, wring it out, and let it dry. Now the cloth is ready to use. Let's have a look how to make these catchers.

7. Coffee and tea for dark clothes

Coffee and tea are natural dyes that can help keep black and dark-colored clothes looking new. You'll just need to add 2 cups of brewed coffee or tea to the washing machine’s rinse cycle.

6. A colander for hand washing

After washing delicates like bras, use a simple colander, put the item in it, and let the excess water drain. Then take it out and hang it to dry.

5. Essential oils for freshness

A few drops of lavender essential oil that you add to the washing machine’s rinse cycle can make your clothes smell fresh. And lemon essential oil helps deal with stains well.

4. Ice cubes to help get rid of wrinkles

If you don't want to open a dryer full of very wrinkly clothes, don't put too many items inside. Just add some ice cubes to make your clothes wrinkle free.

3. Woolen balls help soften clothes.

Toss a couple of neutral colored woolen balls into the dryer on the hottest dry setting. Keep in mind that this trick doesn't work with dark clothes.

2. Aluminum foil to reduce drying time

Put an aluminum foil ball inside your machine before washing to be used as an antistatic device for clothes. You can also use the foil ball to speed up the drying process.

1. Mouthwash to clean the washing machine

Washing machines need to be disinfected regularly in order to continue functioning at the level they're supposed to. There are special detergents you can buy, but you can also use regular mouthwash – just add half a glass to the area where you usually put the detergent in the washing machine and start the full washing cycle. Fungus, mold, and harmful bacteria will be destroyed.


To solve the problem of missing socks, you can buy socks that are all the same or put them in a wash bag. But it's even better to clip together matching socks with a pin right after you take them off and let them go through the washer and dryer pinned together.

Do you use any of these tips? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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