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12 Unexpected Ways to Make Old Things New Again

If you've noticed that your favorite thing has lost its former gloss, don't rush to get upset. There are some simple solutions that can help you repair the flaws.

How many old and spoiled things do you regularly throw out without knowing you can actually fix them by yourself? And to do this no special skills or equipment are needed.

We at Bright Side have gathered some useful tips for you on how to restore things to their original luster.

1. Mayonnaise for woodwork

You can use mayonnaise to fix the white spots, usually left by condensation, on your wood furniture. Rub it on the surface over the stains and wipe with a cloth until the furniture is clean. Mayonnaise can also be used for cracks on wooden products. Fill the crack with it and leave it for a couple of days. Then polish the area with a soft cloth.

2. Toothpaste for glasses

In order to improve eyeglass appearance you can use ordinary toothpaste without granules. Apply it on the glass, spread with a cloth, and then wash away the remains of the paste. You can use this method for Smartphone screens and watches too. In these cases don't allow water to get inside.

3. Mustard for copper

You can use ordinary mustard to return the gloss to products made of copper. First, apply it to something like a copper bracelet and leave it on for a few minutes. Then polish and clean it with a damp cloth.

4. Mayonnaise for removing stickers

This condiment can help us once again. To clean stickers from a surface grease them with mayonnaise, leave it on for 15-30 minutes, then take a rag and polish the area to remove the sticky labels.

5. Baby powder for phones

Use baby powder to eliminate scratches on the screen. Make a paste of the powder and water. Apply it to the smartphone screen and rub with a rag. Then remove the remains of the mixture. Minor scratches should disappear.

6. Nail polish for glass

Wash the glass before using this method. Take a little clear nail polish and apply it on the scratch. Wait about an hour, soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover, and wipe the scratch. This simple method will help you to fix the glass surface.

7. Onion for cleaning leather

Cut the onion in half and rub the soiled leather surface. Then use a soft cloth to wipe the item. It should become shiny again.

8. Hairspray for stains

If there is a cosmetic stain on your clothes, you can treat it with hairspray, wipe with a napkin, and wash as usual. This product is also indispensable when removing spots from nail polish. Spray it on a toothbrush and clean the stained area.

9. Baby shampoo for eyeglasses

In order to remove minor scratches from eyeglasses, you can use baby shampoo. You need to pour a little shampoo on the lenses and rub it in. Clean the remains with a napkin and it will help your glasses to look like new.

10. Cigarette ash and scratches

Another solution for rescuing wooden furniture is cigarette ash. You need to mix it with water until it turns into a paste and coat the damaged area with this mixture. Polish gently and wipe the ash with a rag.

11. Butter for oil paint

Mix butter and powdered detergent using a 1:1 ratio to remove oil paint stains. Apply this mixture to the stain gently rubbing it in with a toothbrush. Wait for 10-20 minutes and then wash as usual.

12. Chalk and clothes

Ordinary chalk will help you to get rid of grease spots easily. You'll need to grind the chalk into a powder and sprinkle it on the contaminated area. You can clean it off after the chalk absorbs the oil and then wash your clothes as you normally would.

Are you surprised by these unexpected ways of using common products? Do you have some unusual tips on how to remove stains? Please share them in the comments.

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